The Great Thaw

So, today I ventured out as my Omicron Quarantine is over. The cold outside air felt a bit colder than usual after my seclusion. We have been experiencing bitterly cold temperatures and the warming to above freezing…at least for a while…is welcome. I drove out to Campus Lake and there before my eyes were an untold number of geese enjoying the frozen lake. Some honked with a lusty approval when I walked up…while others seemed to take no notice of my presence.

Since I was released from Isolation I dropped by Electric Larrys Emporium as I had seen an old Action Figure of ‘Dr. Evil’ that he advertised on Facebook. Have you ever had a childhood memory that was a bit fuzzy? That would best describe my recollection of the Doctor. I recalled having him but did not recall where or when I got him other than it had to be in the 1960s. While I was pondering the deep thoughts of Action Figures and their beginnings…two men came in with some dirty and unkempt toys that they wanted to sell. Among the ‘Land of Broken Toys’ was a Teddy Ruxpin with his sly smile intact. He needs shampoo and batteries and he still may not talk…but he is a semblance of the one that got away from Jonathon…so many Christmases ago…

Childhood and Vintage Toys have become an active hobby of mine for the last fifteen or more years. The hobby began when MJ told me, much to my surprise, that I should see if I could locate some of the toys that were cavalierly burned in the Burning Barrel…gleefully by my mom…not long after I left home at the age of 17. You see when I left home I lived with others of similar circumstance as mine and subsequently had no room to bring along my childhood Booty. Mom would say…now and then…’You better take what you want of your stuff…as I am going to burn it in the Burning Barrel…if you do not.’ As I planned to do so…she decide that the day had arrived. Thousands of dollars of antique toys and comic books…up in smoke…

Mom meant well…she had a heart of gold…I simply was not focused on what I had left behind…until I did not have it any longer.

4 responses

  1. Beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you, my friend.

      1. Americaoncoffee

        ))❤️(( My pleasure! Happy Sunday Bjay!

  2. All the things we wish we had held on to – then again we did, for they are still tucked away as good memories of our childhood.

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