Let’s Show Up for Our Artistic Endeavors

A timely blog from Jonathon Brooks.


I believe a lot of writers attempt to figure out their perfect writing time of the day. This has happened to me many times. If it is early morning then I feel like the right writing time is later in the day; if it’s later in the day then it seems as if the perfect time to write is in the morning. This is my mind or perhaps my fears trying to keep me from creating anything at all. The mythical best time to write is often some other time than the present moment.

It is so easy to live in the future. By this I am referring to our temptation to put off until tomorrow what we could’ve done today. Procrastination is a foe of both work and creativity. Today is my chance to be an author and create! Tomorrow for me might not show up.

Let’s show up…

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