Wonderful Wednesday

Christmas is on my mind…but then again it is on my mind throughout the year. I am enjoying an Old Fashioned made by MJ and contained in the Christmas Carol glass that Jonathon got for me as a gift this past Holiday. The wind is ferocious today. A cold front is moving in. I had to place my Tilley Hat Wind Strap under my chin…and it was almost not enough. We had half of our lentil soup and Nann bread and baklava on Monday and are planning on returning to the other half this evening. When we retrieve Mylo from his playpen we have observed that he unfailingly greets us with a multitude of kisses. He is learning quickly. MJ and I continue to play cards and she beats me handily almost every game.

We are waiting on the edge of our seats and with bated breath to see what is going to happen between Ukraine and Russia. Certainly obsequious obeisance and

romantic platitudes that are in total agreement with the leader of Russia at the expense of disagreement with the president’s own key advisors…was not the answer. Putin understands power…and little else. It is refreshing that our President and his administration have returned Russia to its rightful place as our sworn enemy. As former President Reagan said of the Soviet Union…’ Trust but verify.’

Russia has had an imperative design on defeating and capturing the United States since not long after World War II. Premier Nikat Krusheve proclaimed that he would defeat the U.S. without firing a shot… Russia thinks that the West and NATO are a bit slow on the uptake as they use the same tricks that they have used on us for almost 80 years…and they often still work…

Lackadaisical Effect has afflicted many of the citizens of the United States. We have adopted the position of Mad Magazines’ Icon…Alfred E. Newman…’What Me Worry.’ I read and hear on a regular basis statements and observations regarding Civil Defense during the Cold War. The comments usually entail our extreme preparation for Nuclear Catastrophe during the Cold War…and how these preparations are dated and somewhat humorous and no longer needed… My question…Did the Nuclear Bombs go away? Did our enemy’s attitude toward us suddenly turn to acceptance and cooperation…and love?

Duck and Cover are vivid in my memory. Bomb Sirens in school sounded differently than fire sirens…and we kids were taught the difference. The Cuban Missle Crise was real…and I lived through it. Bomb Shelters were real…many of my neighbors had one in their backyard.

‘Those who forget the lessons of the past…are doomed to repeat them…’

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  1. I can not agree with much of what you have written but that is healthy. There is a solution to the Problem America (NATO) has with Russia, Let Russia join NATO, – Keep you friends close and your enemy’s (if you really believe that Russia is your enemy) closer still. It is just that since the day I was born to the present day, there has been war. I feel that the amount of lives lost, hardship suffered, effort put in to wars, natural resources wasted and and belting vales destroyed, manpower and money, squandered on wars, and continue to be.

    When I see injustice, inequality, hunger, people suffering from curable disease, and in my own country, the homeless on our streets, food banks, people asked to wait years for a simple operation. whilst in the same countries I see people with more money that they could possibly spend in 100 life times, yes, yet here in the sixth richest country on the planet We spend billions on armaments. and the same is true of America. I can not point a finger at any country, even Russia and say this country is any worse or better than any other. As for America I do not see it as a shining bacon of light to be held up to the world, for it just isn’t so.

    1. I disagree with some of your assertions regarding my country and agree with others. Your comments are well said.

    2. It appears that most if not all nations have, ‘Been weighed in the balance and found wanting,’ regarding human rights.

  2. Maybe I am just a dreamer – but I really do believe we could do better for all the nations of the world – this planet is all we have, there is no escape hatch, no lifeboat, we must protect it and those that live on it – and this includes birds and animals. I do not know much about politics but I can see how corrupt Westminster has become politicians bough and sold by lobbyists of big companies who give not a thought to the planet or its inhabitants, they only see the bottom line. Look at Congress in America and tell me is there any that are not there because of huge funding from big corporations, who in the end will require their pound of flesh. For the People – By the People, aye right. Keep up the good work, Walter.

  3. Such a powerful statement…‘Those who forget the lessons of the past…are doomed to repeat them…’. I, too, am nervous about what is happening with Russia and Ukraine.

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