Monday Magnificence

Spring has sprung in Little Egypt…but not permanently. Yesterday I was at Campus Lake and a Merry Band of Minstrels was singing and dancing and filming it all for the internet. They added joy to the lovely day of temperate temperature and lovely blue Lake water and the swimming ducks and the lone Goose who surveilled the scene. Today the rain clouds have moved in but the rain has yet to begin. Mylo is enjoying ‘Rough-Housing’ with his mommy. He is a provider of a plethora of kisses and some little bites as well.

In our world of hidden agendas and conspiracy theories and flat-out political lies…presented with a straight-face…the pending Ukraine Crisis is real and Putin has designs on the former Soviet Union nation. There is promised for our future…’Wars and Rumors of Wars,’ and a war between Russia and Ukraine and their allies…would be devastating… It has been said that ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Contrary to seemingly popular opinion…there is a major difference between Democratic Countries and Dictatorships. There can be no comparison with representational elected governments and dictators who stay in power by violence and squelching their political opposition. In recent years, and especially during the last administration, it seems we have forgotten the danger of the Russian Bear and its’ designs on our democracy…

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

Brinksmanship is, ‘The art or practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits of safety before stopping, especially in politics. In a game of brinksmanship, it is possible that one side will collapse suddenly.’ We are witnessing Cold War Brinksmanship in 2022.

Life moves forward at its’ increasingly rapid pace with happiness and peace and beauty…and danger and War…and pain and suffering. An understanding of the fluid nature of our lives is a help in times of trouble. We desire and cultivate a love for our fellow man…but there are evil people in our world…that do not deserve our obeisance. We must seek the good and eschew the evil. The more that we reach out to others…the happier we will be. The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, said during World War II that we must, ‘Jaw Jaw…rather than War War…’

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