Since childhood, I have wondered why nations go to war. As the popular songs states, ‘War…what is it good for…absolutely nothing…’ Vietnam was very real to me. It was on the CBS Evening News With Walter Cronkite…Monday thru Friday evenings. The dismal reports of how many Americans had been killed that day along with how many Vietnamese…was chilling. I quickly learned that I was growing up to probably be drafted into war…and that war kills young men and women. I wondered what life was all about when young lives could be cut so very short on the whims of old men with personality complexes?

We often speak of our scientific and technological advances and our intellectual achievements…and forget the main concern…we like to kill each other… Are we an advanced society…or are we cavemen to the extraterrestrials watching us? We have been suffering the cruel onslaught of our Pandemic for well over two years…one million have succumbed in the United States…and now we have a War in Europe such has not been since the Second World War. If you have visited Europe one of the first things that you will notice is that the little countries are similar to our States. Sometimes you may not realize when you have left one country for another…especially in the European Union. Russian bombs have fallen a few miles from the Polish border. Poland is a member of NATO. The only thing that you can count on in war…is that it is totally unpredictable.

Ukraine is suffering and its precious people are dying…and they look into the eyes of we in the west…and wonder how we can sit back and watch the genocide… When we cry for God’s tender mercy for our suffering…will he say that he has the same help for us that we had for his children in Ukraine…

Bullies have no conscience. A Bully terrorizes those that he perceives weaker…until a person of courage stands up to him. Throughout my life, I have observed that there are the elite and that there are always protections afforded them. They are considered essential and must be saved at the cost of countless Chess Pawns…who are little more than foot soldiers and whose’ lives do not matter. I am totally against proactive war…but to fight for the protection of the innocent would be akin to what the man did when he shouldered the heavy cross of Jesus…as he carried it to the Hill called Golgotha…

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  1. This is so true, living next to Russia makes it a notch scarier, what is it good for, absolutely nothing . So frustrating, don’t we ever learn!

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