We Can Not Be Bothered Anymore…

It is a lovely…almost spring day. My neighbor to my left is having his yard cleaned in a major fashion. My neighbor across the street had her yard cleaned in a similar matter last week…and now she is gone. Her husband passed away during the first week of January. Just a short time back I was photographing hundreds of geese on our frozen Campus Lake. Now it is time to think about grass mowing.

Christmas we were told that the government was going to provide the most effective face masks for everyone for free. Now we hear take your face mask off and live a little. What changed? When MJ and I returned from Mirimar Beach, Florida during the second week of January…we contracted Covid, along with Jonathon. The Omicron Variant has killed many people in Jackson County…where we live. This is the time of year…in 2021…that our Pandemic spiked. China is suffering a new outbreak.

The most recent slogan of good news is that we must, ‘Learn to live with Covid.’ Many in the early days of our Pandemic said that we would never beat the Virus until we achieved Herd Immunity This uniquely named Immunity has not occurred anywhere in the world to my knowledge. The abrupt reversal of going full throttle down the race track of prudence and protection…to the ‘Devil May Care,’ philosophy of Mad Magazines primary spokesperson…Alfred E. Newman…’What Me Worry,’ is causing whiplash among many of us.

Pointing to the graph which illustrates that new cases of Covid have dropped dramatically is cold comfort to the families of those victims who will die…today…

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