Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear

Rainy and cool is the weather in Little Egypt. As I walked around Campus Lake I saw two Geese guarding a family of ducks. The ducks seemed pleased with the arrangement. There is a forecast for hail the size of golf balls in our area. That seems like some large hail to me.

I have been reflecting on the believability of con men and women…if listened to on a regular and insulated basis. ‘Bad Vegan’ is the story of Sarma Melngailis who ran a famous Vegan Restaurant in New York City. The Restaurant, Pure Food, And Wine was the go-to place for celebrities and the rich and famous. Sarma married Anthony Strangis who kept bilking her for money that he gambled away. He promised that he would cause her beloved Pit Bull Dog to live forever and that all of her wildest dreams would come true…and that everything that she was experiencing in this life was fake. Actually, it gets even more bizarre…and you should see the four-part documentary on Netflix. The most bizarre thing is that it seems that Sarma believed the Alice in Wonderland Tales that Anthony was telling her…up until she could no longer make payroll for her employees and her restaurant closed.

As I listened to Sarmas’ answer to the pointed questions that the documentarian was asking her it was obvious to me that she had been the victim of brainwashing. The question raised at one point in the film wondered if what she experienced was similar to what Patty Hearst, in the 1970s experienced when she was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army and her capture produced the shocking photo of her assisting in the robbery of a bank and her carrying a matching gun and wearing a beret? Is it possible for a person to believe something so steeped in fantasy…that it boggles the rationale mind as to how it occurred?


Yes…I say after watching so many follow dangerous religious/political cults. During World War II the citizens of Germany believed that Hitler was the savior of their country. Our former president believed that Vladimir Putin was a great leader. He recently commended his surrounding of Ukraine and mentioned how sharp and savvy he is. The Religious Cult Heavens Gate thought that they would all commit suicide, which they did, and would be picked up by a spaceship and follow the Hale Bop Comet. Their decaying bodies were found neatly in their bunk beds with their identical uniforms on. Jim Jones convinced 900 hundred people in Guyana, South America to drink cyanide-laced kool-aid and commit mass suicide. Mothers and fathers forced the deadly drink down the throats of their recalcitrant children.

Sarma was a media darling and on many magazine covers and a friend of the actor Alec Baldwin…whom she considered dating. When people talk to you of money that you can neither see nor touch…and invisible judges that are putting you through a test to ascertain how you perform under pressure…demand to see the physical reality…or walk away…

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