Spring Cleaning

It is another chilly day in our neck of the woods. Recently our church received a cleaning by, Judge Services, and the results are amazing. I have scheduled them to do the same to our house this Thursday. I have pressure washed our homes for the past over 30 years and have decided to try the professionals…as my results are not optimal.

The last couple of weeks has included two trips to the town where I did a lot of growing up…Eldorado. Eldorado is a town of ‘Heights’ and ‘Additions’ and I explored all of them on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting my friend, Jackie Brooks, at his home in Parrish Addition. I vividly recall the first day of 1st Grade when Jackie walked into the classroom with his hat on and sat down at his desk. Our teacher told him, ‘Jackie…put your hat in the cloakroom and do not wear it in the house.’ I wondered why she called the School…the House. Jackie loved to imitate the Robot from a popular television show of the time…Lost In Space. He was so adept at the portrayal that he often gathered a crowd to enjoy the show. We enjoyed visiting the Orpheum Theatre and watching monster movies like Dracula and Frankenstein. The English Movie Company, Hammer Films, had especially vivid Technicolor and consequently, the blood dripping down Draculas’ lips was compelling. The movies were also known for their somewhat more revealing womens’ garments…a visual reality that was not lost on either of our young minds.

We enjoyed eating pizza at the local pizza house that served a Beer that contained no alcohol…but we felt inebriated…we thought. When we lived on West Street I attended Bible School around the corner from our house at the Chruch Of Christ. I think that this enjoyable experience is what first captivated my thoughts regarding the beauty of the Christian Life. I can remember the teacher asking me a question about Moses on the Mount and after my explanation, she told me that she had never heard a more heartfelt rendition of the story…but I still was a mischievous curb-kicker.

We had a Barber Shop on the street over from West Street…State Street is the busiest street in town. I often saved my pennies until I had a dime and then walk over to the restaurant on State and order a glass of whole milk…as it was much better than the powdered milk that we had at home. I also had my haircut on State and no matter how I pleaded my mom insisted that I receive a Crew Cut. I told her that there were many of the kids at school who had gotten away from the Crew Cut…but she could not be dissuaded…as it took longer for my hair to grow out…after the Crew Cut…

Memories tell us where we have been and where we are going. Or as a person told me many years ago…’The only difference in child psychology and adult psychology…is size.’

5 responses

  1. This is a wonderful post with excellent photos!

    1. Thank you, Jonathon.

      1. Absolutely! You’re most welcome.

  2. Enjoyed your trip down memory lane! Stay well.

    1. Thank you, my friend.

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