As I sit on my Writing Porch and gaze at what appears to be my new ceiling after Judge Services cleaned it earlier this week…I am happy. Easter time has become a profoundly enjoyable time of the year for me as I grow older. I think, probably, since I have been a member of First Presbyterian Church. I want to purchase a new Bible each Eastertime…don’t ask me why…I love Bibles… I also enjoy Bunny Rabbit Figurines…especially at Easter. Easter Brunch is nice as well. Nature is resurrecting each Easter…it did not die in the fall…it went to sleep. Of course, there is another renewal of spirit in my neighbors and friends as they slowly venture out to renew their familial and friendship bonds as our Pandemic restrictions lessen. Again…as Spirit of Resurrection…

We tend to quit much too early in our heartfelt endeavors. We wonder if we are too old or if another is better equipped to address the problems that need human solutions that are around us. We hope to see a miracle…and forget that we are the miracle… I enjoy photography and recently have been toying with the filters on my camera. It amazes me that with a little touch of brightness and a dose of shadow…a photo comes to life…sometimes appearing similar to an oil painting. Would that we could see the brilliance of color and hue and mystery…that lay just beyond our cursory view.

Neutrinos are all around us. There is much more Dark Matter than Matter that we can see and measure…Quantum Physics tells us. Simply stated there are billions of times more that we do not see or understand regarding what the Matter comprises…than what we do see and measure and understand. Could some of this be our loved ones…just beyond the veil… Perhaps our Guardian Angel standing guard over us and saying for us not to worry about anything…

‘For now, we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: but now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. I Corinthians 13:12. KJV

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