Peter Rabbit

Palm Sunday is three days away and Peter Rabbit is sitting by my computer as I write this blog. Peter has on a smart light blue jacket and is holding in his hand a bright orange carrot. Peter tells me that he is excited that spring has finally come. He noted that it is a little chilly…but that is the way rabbits like it. Peter says that this year has many good things in store for us if we will only seek them out…like he does. Peter goes on to say that our Panedmic had affected the animal kingdom as well and that he had been sad for a long time when he saw so many of his human friends sick and passing on.

‘I have 27 children and 44 grandchildren,’ Peter said. ‘When we gather for Easter…we have a crowd,’ PR noted. He mentioned that Beatrix Potter had written about his mischievousness when he was a youth…but that now he had become an Elder Rabbit…he had settled down quite a bit. Peter says that there is no better time than Easter to begin to appreciate all living creatures more than we humans currently do. ‘When I see humans in my woods…I am happy to visit with them…until they bring out their guns and knives,’ Peter remarked. ‘I lost three kids to hunters…and two grandchildren to humans who killed them for sport,’ intoned PR. ‘You do realize that we animals and especially we rabbits understand much more than you give us credit for,’ PR went on to say. ‘We understand kindness and love…and we feel hurt and pain…and evil intentions,’ PR sighed.

‘Humans hurt each other…for no reason,’ PR whispered. ‘They go to war and maim and kill their own kind…with nothing to gain…and everything to lose,’ said PR. ‘When I think of life…I think of the lives of my kids and grandkids…I want them to enjoy many spring mornings…and have many children…like their old Grandpa, laughed PR. ‘I hope that the Christians will remember the teachings of Jesus…this Easter…and love each other as he loves them…’

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  1. I love Peter Rabbit and yours is in mint condition. Easter is along the way and I admire your Christian faith. I have lost my antennae some where, a long time ago and it is hard for me. Happy Easter BJ and continue in your love and walk with Christ. Pray for me if you can. Cheers.

    1. Happy Easter, my friend. All good wishes for you and your wonderful care for your parents.

      1. Thanks BJ. Blessings and Garfield hugs.

    2. I will pray for you, my friend.

      1. Thanks BJ, grateful for your kindness.

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