Eldorado Easter

Billy B. was excited about the soon arrival of Easter. He did enjoy a chocolate Easter Bunny…the solid kind…and of the milk chocolate variation. He and Chet and Jane and Daryl were going to hide Easter Eggs at Karel Park. It promised to be a nice spring day and the adventure of just going to Karel Park coupled with the mystery of hiding Easter Eggs…was almost too much to bear. Billy B. believed in the Easter Bunny…although his aunts had told him during the winter that EB did not exist and that neither did Santa Claus. He was quite certain that they were full of prunes and discounted their laughter when they heard from Neva J. that Billy B. was a believer. Why Billy B. had even had a visit from Santa to his house on West Street and he knew that both he and EB were very much real and alive and ready to provide fun and suspense to the holidays.

Neva J. with the assistance of Billy B.’s cousin, Brenda, was explaining the rules of the Hunt. There were 10 eggs hidden in the north and 10 eggs hidden in the south and 10 in the east and 10 in the west of the Park. The first to find all 10 of the eggs in their section would receive a $25 Savings Bond…as Savings Bonds were big in Billy B.’s childhood…and a massive Easter Basket with a Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny in it. Besides the Basket and Bond, there would be a $10 Orpheum Theatre Coupon good for 10 visits to the Movies. This was golden to Billy B. and he was determined to be the winner!

Billy B. chose the Karel Park Creek as his Easter Egg Hunt destination and he walked quickly, as he never ran, to the shady and secluded area. As Billy B. looked in the cool semi-light of an ancient oak tree adjacent to the water he heard a whisper asking, ‘Hey Billy B…what are you looking for?’ Billy B. looked up to see a Rabbit that was dressed in a smart light blue jacket and carrying a massive bright orange carrot in his hand…and who was wearing a wide and mischievous grin on his face. ‘Are you Peter Rabbit,’ asked Billy B.? ‘I most certainly am and I am here to help you find the eggs that your mother and Brenda hid,’ answered Peter. ‘Do you know EB,’ asked Billy B.? ‘I not only know him…I am substituting for him this Easter while he is vacationing in Miramar Beach, Florida. ‘EB told me that you are a true believer and that he wanted you to receive special EB treatment, ‘ laughed Peter. PR went on to say that EB had been dismayed and disheartened that more and more kids were ceasing to believe in him and that their lives had become less interesting and fanciful and that the joy of childhood was being robbed from them. PR motioned for Billy B. to follow him deeper into Karel Park and soon Billy B. did not recognize the geography of the Park. ‘Where are we PR,’ asked Billy B.? PR whisked around to stare at Billy B. and winked and jumped down a rabbit hole. Chet was suddenly behind Billy B. and exclaimed that they should follow PR and see where the Rabbit Hole led to…

Chet and Billy B. stood in Grandma Askew’s house surrounded by Aunt Guelda and Aunt Wanda and Aunt Vema…and beside them stood Peter Rabbit…

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