Jonathon wears birthdays well. I stopped counting the Happy Birthday wishes that he has received. I have heard it said that if a person wants to have friends…they must show themselves friendly. This adage certainly applies to Jonathon. We traveled to Paducah, Kentucky for the Grand Birthday Dinner at the Freight House. We were delighted with our choices. Prior to that, we visited with Char and Jay at the Pinecone Studios in Lowertown. We received such a warm welcome that it made our day. Char is a tremendous artist and we had a couple of her works that we purchased several years ago…now we have another.

Etcetera Coffee Shop makes wonderful coffee! I had forgotten how delicious that it is…until Saturday. During the first decade of our new century…we visited the Coffee Shop each time that we were in Lowertown…and that was on a regular basis. One visit to Lowertown was during the Christmas Season and we enjoyed a Sleigh Ride with Jay dressed as Santa Claus and our friend, Nancy, who is a skilled and compelling artist, with us. The event seemed dreamlike and we were hooked on the Artistic Community @ Lowertown.

Jonathon had one of his plethora of friends invite him for dinner on his birthday and she baked him a cake. Aaron joined the festivities and the photos tell a happy story.

5 responses

  1. What a fabulous celebration! Happy birthday Jonathon.
    ps. It looks like an episode of Everybody Loves Jonathon.

    1. Ha-ha! Thank you so very much!

  2. Happy birthday to Jonathon!

    1. Thank you, my friend. 🎂

      1. Thanks for a slice of the cake!! Appreciate it!

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