Mylo has gone to the Groomers. He is due to return with much shorter hair and styled like a schoolboy. We did not tell him what his future has in store…or as the Farside comic which had one little dog with his head hung outside the car window telling his doggie buddy, ‘Wait for me, I will be back after I am…tutored.’

We dropped by Hobby Lobby to have an old silk screenwork of art reframed. It is a Japanese scene of Mr. Fuji that is well over 100 years old. The wooden frame that it was in was worn and discolored and the backing of the piece appeared to be very old. On the back of the fabric was the date of 1812. It is amazing that the reds in the piece are still vibrant. Once we had chosen the new frame and matting and museum glass, with the assistance of a friendly and knowledgable young lady…the Silk Screen came alive…as if it were new once again.

Spring reminds me of the continual possibilities of new beginnings. No matter what stage of life we find ourselves in…with a new frame and some museum glass…we are revitalized and are as new as when we first began.

Billy B. wanted to do something special for Neva J. on Mothers’ Day. She was taking Photography classes at Lincoln School through the Adult Education Program. She was an excellent Photographer and had a keen eye for seeing something in the frame that others would ignore. Many of her photographs hung throughout their home. She took pictures of her good friend and confidant that the people of Eldorado called…’One Eye.’ Her name was really Abigal and she had been a school teacher until her son had been killed in Vietnam and she lost her way and much of her will to live. Some of the residents accused her of being a gypsy…while others said that she was a witch… Abigail was no more than a forgotten person…who Billy B.’s mom…found. Neva J. bought Abigal some new clothes at P.N. Hirsch Department Store and took her to the Beauty Parlor and drove her to Carbondale for a manicure and a pedicure…and she was a transformed woman.

Rosie talked to herself from time to time. She was a kind woman who was a bit of an introvert and a loner. Neva J. loved her and she loved Neva J. and Billy B. Often Rosie went on shopping trips with Neva J. and Billy B. and she commented that she thought that the First Lady, Jackie Kennedy, was the most lovely lady that she had ever seen. Rosie loved President and Mrs. Kennedy. Rosie seemed to have a closet full of the same style of dresses called Moo Moos… One day Neva J. took Rosie to Hart’s Department Store in Harrisburg and had her outfitted with a stylish outfit that was somewhat reminiscent of one that the First Lady was seen wearing on television. Rosie was transformed into an outgoing person. She enrolled in Dale Carnegie Courses and was such a quick study that she became an instructor in the popular public speaking classes of the day. Someone believed in her…and this was the spark that lit the fire of self-confidence in this intelligent and no longer lonely human being.

Chet could not see well. His glasses lens were very thick and some of his classmates called him, ‘Coke Bottle,’ due to the magnification of his eyes. Chet was extremely intelligent and tried to ignore the small-minded ridicule of some. Chet loved the television show, Lost In Space, and he studied the Robot on the show…which was one of the main characters. Chet became so good at imitating or channeling the Robot that he became a star in the school for his pitch-perfect portrayal. His and Billy B.’s classmates would gather around Chet as he performed and soon no one thought of Chet’s glasses…they saw him as a skilled performer and someone to be admired.

Billy B. and Chet had a master plan for Mother’s Day. They had borrowed Neva J.’s camera that she used for her photography classes and asked Abigail and Rosie to Neva J. and Billy B.’s house to take a photo of the three of them. They had been saving all year for the frame and the museum glass…and as soon as the photo was snapped they would ask Neva J. to develop it in the darkroom that she used at Lincoln School.

Billy B. snapped the photo…and Chet entitled it…’Three Wise Women…’

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  1. Love reading your tales. And Mylo is super-cute! šŸ˜

    1. Thank you, my friend. šŸ˜ƒ

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