May Day

‘You do still have the pole…don’t you,’ asked Jane.’ ‘Yes, it is under the carport with a tarp tied around it,’ replied Billy B. ‘It is a little early for the Festivus Pole…like 6 months…right,’ said Chet. ‘Not the Festivus Pole…Kiddos…The May Day Pole…tomorrow we will dance around the May Day Pole and each hold a brightly colored streamer and make and take May Baskets to our friends’ doors and porches and then ring their doorbells and run and hide to watch their faces when they open their front doors to find the brightly colored basket that we have made for them,’ replied Jane.

Daryl was excited about the coming of May Day and said that he and his father, The Wiz, had celebrated it in England before they moved to Eldorado. He recalled the sweet cakes that they had consumed on May Day. ‘I always remember VE Day on May the 8th in 45’…when we declared Victory over Hitler and the end of the horrors of World War II.’ ‘When May Day comes with its’ beauty and pageantry…I think of our winning that terrible war,’ said The Wiz…almost in a whisper…

‘May Day means that it is almost the end of school for the year,’ said Chet. Pounds Hollow and Picnics…here we come, he said with a sly wink. ‘Long days and hot nights are what I think of,’ noted Billy B. ‘We have no air conditioner…and no color television…we are behind the times for May Day…1964,’ Billy B. sighed. ‘But…Billy B….there will be a double Creature Feature at the Starlight Drive-In…every Friday night throughout the summer…and we will be in the front row,’ smiled Chet. ‘And, the three or four trips to Pounds Hollow to swim…each week…will be outstanding,’ exclaimed Jane! ‘This year we will go to the DuQuoin State Fair…twice…I hope,’ said Billy B. ‘Also, do not forget the new 3-speed bicycle that you received for Christmas…that will take you as fast as the wind,’ Chet said with wider eyes than normal.

‘By the way…what is Festivus,’ asked Billy B. ‘Oh, that comes much later…but your much older self…was thinking about it,’ said Chet. ‘You see…we time travel in Old Billy B.s’ mind…first we are young and then we are old,’ Chet went on to say. ‘A bit like real life…and Gods’ Story of Us,’ said Jane.

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