Charles Denby And Spillways

Billy B. and Chet had the house to themselves. Neva J. and Demetrius had gone on holiday to the Ozarks. They were going to visit Silver Dollar City and eat dinner at the Sunken Mineshaft Restaurant and see the popular singer, Andy Williams, perform. Billy B. and Chet had more nefarious plans that included obtaining some cigars to smoke without fear while the Cats were away. The well-laid plan for avarice included Junior…the next-door neighbor. Junior and Velma lived in a humble abode with their daughter, Lori Lynn. Lori Lynn was a pretty girl but her teeth were black and in need of dental care. Junior worked at the feed store and was an easy-going man. Billy B. and Chet visited him and Billy B. began to spin quite a yarn regarding Demetrius cigars…of which he had none…and how that he had accidentally knocked them into the toilet and that they had sadly… become destroyed. Billy B. and Chet combined their money and asked Junior if he would purchase two packs of…strong cigars…to replace the destroyed ones. Junior told them that he customarily smoked Charles Denby Cigars and that they were strong. So…the adventure began.

Dennis and Lanny were Billy B.s’ other neighbors. Billy B. invited them over to the parent-free house for a smoking and drinking meeting of the minds. Lanny brought Peppermint Schnapps and Busch Beer and the fun ensued. Chet asked why he was seeing double and Billy B. said that it was probably just the thick smoke from the Cigars. Lanny laughed…as he was older than the group and had a Drivers’ License…and said, ‘Why don’t we go to the Spillway…and climb it.’ Chet and Billy B. did not know what a Spillway was…but felt strangely courageous as they puffed the Charles Denby’s and sipped the Peppermint Schnapps. ‘I am in…and what is a Spillway,’ said Chet. ‘It is like a waterfall…that you can climb,’ responded Lanny. Dennis, who was Billy B.s age noted that it was a bit difficult to climb…and Billy B. saw that Dennis was a strange shade of green.

You could hear the Spillway before you could see it. The sound of rushing water is pleasant. Billy B. unwrapped the cellophane off the second box of Charles Denby Cigars…and lit his second thick and rich…smoke. Billy B. noticed that when he walked or even turned his head…everything seemed to spin…and he felt sick to his stomach. Lanny began by running up the Spillway as the water rapidly ran down it. He looked somewhat like the antelopes that Billy B. had seen on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom…with Marlin Perkins. Billy B. announced, ‘I have got this,’ as he took a puff of his second cigar and began to climb. The first few steps seemed easy and Billy B. thought to himself that he was going to visit the Spillway on a weekly basis just as he visited Pounds Hollow often during the summer. Suddenly he was on his face and felt the wet concrete beneath him. His upper lip was cut deeply and bled profusely…and he has a scar until this day. Dennis poured a little Peppermint Schnapps over the wound…and they proceeded to the Starlight Drive-In to see, ‘The Attack Of The Fifty-Foot Women,’ along with the movie on the double feature…’The Creature From The Black Lagoon.’ Chet slept through the second movie.

The Adventurers threw the remainder of the second pack of Charles Denby’s away and they chose 7Up to drink at the Starlight…Billy B.s’ Aunt Guelda had told him that 7Up was wonderful for settling your stomach…

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  1. Americaoncoffee | Reply

    Beautiful pictures and a captivating story. How dangerous it is to climb rocks while intoxicated.đŸ¥º

    1. So true! đŸ˜‰

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