Writing In The Rain

‘Rain is my friend… the rain has always been my friend,’ thought Billy B. When others bemoaned the presence of the falling water…Billy B. was in his element. He often wondered if he had been born on a rainy day. Billy B. thought that he would write a story about a story. He so enjoyed the stories of the author, O Henry, where the ending typically revealed an unknown surprise. Then, Billy B. heard a knock at the back door. It was Chet and he was smiling from ear to ear…and his eyes were dancing with delight. ‘Are you ready for ‘Sherlock Holmes Hunt,’ he happily asked? ‘Why it is the day for it isn’t it…my dear Chet,’ responded Billy B. ‘We must see if there are any clues regarding the missing Garbage Man,’ Chet stated.

The Garbage Man was a beloved character in Eldorado. Billy B. had never seen a Garbage Professional that was more in love with his job or who took it more seriously. He came to each home that he served once per month and collected the $1.00 that was his pay…and he would knock vigorously on the front door of Billy B. and Neva J.s’ West Street home and announced for all who cared to listen, ‘Garbage Man.’

The Garbage Man had not been seen for over a month. Garbage was collecting everywhere and the bins were overflowing and the rats were feasting. Chet said, ‘Let’s begin on the Brick Road by the Methodist Church…as he lives on that road.’ Thus they began to look for clues on what they called the Ancient Brick Road. The only person that they encountered was a woman wearing a backpack and looking at them in a curious fashion. ‘May I ask what you are looking for,’ she said. ‘Have you seen the Garbage Man,’ asked Chet? ‘Well…It depends on which Garbage Man that you are speaking of…as my husband is in our house and well into a case of Budweiser Beer and he will not even take out the garbage,’ she fumed angrily! ‘I did see him a little over a month ago when he came to collect his garbage removal bill,’ she went on to say. At that moment the Methodist Church Bell rang out the noon hour…and in the Bell Tower…was the Garbage Man…faithfully pulling the Bell Rope.

Chet and Billy B. ran up to the rickety steps of the Bell Tower and flung open the tiny door on the floor of the room and when they entered…there was no one pulling the rope… Later that afternoon Billy B. was taking a nap and he awakened to a loud and friendly voice on his front porch saying…’Garbage Man!’

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