The Mystery Of Life

Billy B. was excited about his and Chets’ upcoming trip to the DuQuoin State Fair. Each Labor Day they rode with Neva J. to DuQuoin to attend the last day of the Fair. The Fair was the capstone of the Summer’s Events…and it was anticipated for some months. Living in Eldorado…the State Fair was a big deal. They were accustomed to Carnivals both in Harrisburg and Eldorado…but the DuQuoin Fair had a mystery all of its own. Billy B. had ridden the Scrambler at the Eldorado Carnival and had hit his mouth on the metal side of the cart when it turned violently and Neval J. lost hold of him. The owner of the attraction had run over to see how Billy B. was and brought a massive Teddy Bear for him as a gift. Neva J. tore the owner a new A-Hole and assured. him that he would be sued if there was any damage to Billy B.s’ mouth or teeth.

Chet announced…when he and Neva J. and Billy B. arrived at the Fair… that he was seeking the mystery of life and that he was sure that he would discover the ‘Mystery’ somewhere in the many dark and inviting corners of the Fairgrounds. Chet had seen the movie NightMare Alley with the actor, Tyrone Power, and he had been intrigued with searching out what the DuQuoin Fair had to offer him in his quest for knowledge. So…Neva J. and Chet and Billy B. made their way to the tent that had a Carnival Barker in front of it who was announcing, ‘Enter here…all those who are seeking answers to the mysteries of life!’ Inside the tent was a gentleman dressed in a top hat and tails. He had on white gloves and carried a walking stick with a pearl handle. He wore a handlebar mustache that had been carefully waxed. Chet looked around to see that the tent was full of people…perhaps 100 or more… The well-dressed and serious man began to speak. ‘Take warning all of you who have entered here…this is neither a game nor a sideshow farce.’ ‘This tent is erected over a geological certainty…while being a terrifying mystery,’ the Top Hat man said. ‘You are sitting directly over a Black Hole…that can take you forward or backward through time,’ he whispered. ‘If you are afraid…please leave now…if you have a heart or nervous condition…leave now.’ ‘There is a caveat to this Mystery of Life…you will not be able to pick where you are going or if it is ahead in time…or backward in time,’ he said as a tear coursed down his cheek.

Chet marveled as he looked at his well-appointed office in the White House. ‘The President needs you immediately,’ said his Executive Assistant. ‘Russia has launched a…First Strike…’

‘At least I live in a nice house…this time,’ thought the four-year-old Billy B. as he walked on his front porch in Sauk Village…

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