‘I have Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwiches ready for you…so hit the deck you rubberneck,’ called out Junebug. That was the nickname for Neva J. that she was known by many of her friends. She smiled when she heard it and remembered her brother, Gene, who she called…Fetch…and thought of how he had been at the beginning of…Junebug. Each time Billy B. saw an actual June Bug…he thought of Neva J. Billy B. literally idolized Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches… The summer sandwich was his primary nourishment throughout the summer vacation. At times he had them both for breakfast…but also supper. Chet was on his way to his house and they were going to go hiking. Jane and Daryl were to join them at the woods…and Neva J. had packed enough BLTs for the lot of them. ‘I have heard that there is an unidentified creature in the woods and that the Eldorado PD are afraid to go into them too deeply…also here is a Polaroid photo of the monster…but it is kind of blurry,’ said Chet as he met Billy B. at the front door of his house. ‘That looks a bit like Mr. S. when we scared him on the Pounds Hollow Beach,’ laughed Billy B. ‘It is hairy like Mr. S…but it is also smiling…and Mr. S. never smiles,’ noted Chet.

‘I read in the Eldorado Daily Journal that some campers were awoken by the creature and that he asked for a glass of water…when they poured him a glass…he ran when he saw a June Bug on the rim,’ laughed Daryl. ‘Do you think that Neva J. would come with us,’ asked Jane? ‘I not only will come with you…but I will wear my old Halloween Costume…it is a giant June Bug, laughed Neva J. as she winked and had a drink of Red Wine. Neva J. loved Red Wine…preferably Merlot or Cabernet. She and Billy B. had made Balloon Wine on several occasions and Billy B. thought it was wonderful. Neva J. was a once in a while…Day Drinker…and it improved her attitude on life and made the summer day all the more enjoyable.

Robert Frost said it best, ‘The Woods were lovely…dark and deep…’ Neva J.s’ Picnic Basket was full and overflowing with the BLTs and several bottles of Red Wine…and napkins…of course. The little antenna that protruded from Neva J.s head and the black spots on her red costume…make her a compelling sight to see. As the sun began to set…the Creature Hunters set off on their mission…with Merlot in their canteens and a song in their hearts. Neva J. brought up the rear of the entourage and she was on the lookout for the Monster that looked like the Junior High Principle…Mr. S.

‘Did anyone bring some Off Bug Repellant…something is biting my legs,’ said Jane. ‘Me too and I have picked off a hundred June Bugs from my arms, Chet replied. About that time…the sound of rustling and twigs cracking underfoot and a general unease…filled the air. ‘Hello…I am Jim the June Bug…what are you doing in my forest,’ said the six-foot-tall black-spotted and red-bodied…giant June Bug! ‘We were just looking for you…Fetch…when did you get the cool costume,’ asked Neva J.

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