Hard Rain

The rain is coming down in buckets as I sit at the Writing Porch. I love rain. But…it does make it difficult to light a firecracker. I heard fireworks much of the night and felt a special joy after receiving a good medical report on some tests that I had taken at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis. I can think of several times in my life when it seemed that the reset button had been pushed and I reflected on Louis Armstrong’s famous song, ‘What a Wonderful World.’ What we often think of as mundane…is special. We are angry for no good reason. As another great song says…’Always be humble and kind.’ I stopped in the Quick Mart at DeSoto and was so impressed with how friendly the young woman greeted me was. She announced…as she opened the door for me…’I knew that you were driving a Subaru because I recognized the familiar sound of the bell…it is the same as my mom’s Subaru.’ As I walked the streets of the little village of Elkville yesterday…I remembered the young man of 17 who moved there in 1975.

‘I am excited to be going to Pounds Hollow for an evening swim and a fireworks display at dark,’ said Jane in a happy manner. ”Yes, I believe that it is the first time that we have attended their Fourth of July Celebration…and I hear that it is fantastic,’ Chet commented.’ ‘Where do they set off the fireworks from,’ asked Neva J.? ‘They float a wooden raft out into the deep water and perform the show from there,’ Billy B. answered. ‘I have heard that it scares the Cottonmouth snakes so badly that they leap out of the water,’ Daryl laughed.

Pounds Hollow was packed with people such as Billy B. had never seen in his years of swimming in his favorite Lake. The sun was already setting and the mood was high with so many children that were thrilled about the Holiday and secure in their freedom from school for another few weeks. A couple of Eldorado Roughians had attempted to smuggle beer into the festivities…but had been stopped at the gate and sent on their way back to Eldorado. Neva J. had sequestered a couple bottles of wine in her cooler and some Dixie Cups to drink it from…once it became dark. ‘Have you heard the story that there are several bodies at the bottom of the Hollow…and that every now and then you can see them during the height of the Fireworks Display due to the brilliance of the light and the spookiness of the hour,’ asked Chet? ‘My dad told me that he was out here last year and saw the ghost of a Revolutionary Army General,’ Daryl said. ‘Dad said that the General stood by the wooden raft for a few moments as the Roman Candles lit up the sky…and that he had a dismall and foreboding look on his face,’ Daryl related with some trepidation.

‘Please join me in the countdown for the Fireworks…,’said the Eldorado Mayor. As the light shown brilliantly across the happy members of Little Egypt…before the audience stood several ragged Revolutionary Soldiers…and five British Soldiers. ‘My God…you can see right through them,’ Chet exclaimed! As they floated just above the water…men and women fainted…and the kids clapped…for the expertly acted…Fourth Of July Celebration…

A blogging friend has asked me about the Writing Porch. Here are some photos of it.

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  1. Great images and post. I am interested in your “Writing Porch”. Love this, especially in the rain…Can you give more specifics, possibly photos?

    1. Yes, my Writing Porch was built in 2011. Since that time I have accomplished the majority of my writing sitting on it and looking out at our pond. This includes most autumn 🍂 days and several winter 🥶 ones. I will include some photos on Hard Rain.

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