The Vision

Since my almost 12 years of retirement began I can think of few lovelier locations to visit than the Ocean. We have had the kind privilege of joining our pals, Ron and Ira Kaye, on several occasions at Miramar Beach which has a terrific Ocean view and the sugar white sand of the Gulf Coast Beach. The placid perfection of the peaceful place is transformative. As I have sat…often for hours…and gazed at every morphing and majestic wave…I feel renewed and refreshed and want to write more stories.

‘I think that I could lay on this sandy beach and watch the Ocean for hours,’ Jane said. ‘Yes…the hypnotic effect of the sun on the water and its’ constant movement towards the shore is mesmerizing, Billy B. added. ‘I like to see the storm clouds over the water and wonder what they are bringing with them,’ Chet said with a smile. ‘Have you heard that the famous psychic Edgar Cayce loved to visit Miramar Beach and that he saw several visions regarding the future while he was on this same beach,’ Darryl asked the group. ‘I thought that I had read everything that is written about Cayce…and I do not recall anything about him visiting Miramar Beach,’ said Neva J. with a quizzical look on her kind face. ‘That is very true…but the information that Darryl is speaking of is held in a secret book of which I have one of the twelve copies,’ said The Wiz. Cayce believed that the Lost City of Atlantis rested on the Ocean bottom just a few miles from Miramar Beach,’ The Wiz said with a knowing smile. ‘I think that we should rent some scuba gear and a boat and visit the place where Edgar Cayce said Atlantis was and dive down to see if we can find it,’ Billy B. said with exuberance! ‘Let us go…and go quickly…an adventure is afoot,’ Neva J. laughed.

‘Zip me up,’ Jane said to Billy B. ‘My pleasure, my friend,’ said Billy B. with his wet suit already on. ‘Stop the boat,’ said The Wiz. ‘Is this the spot that Cayce referred to,’ Chet asked? Yes…and the natural marker for it is the red water that is over the top of it,’ noted The Wiz. ‘It seems a bit strange that there are no other boats or people to be seen…and the wind has shifted from the south to the north,’ Chet said. ‘The resting place for Atlantis is somewhat like the Bermuda Triangle in that you can not see it until it wants to be seen,’ advised Darryl. ‘The water is like a mirror…and smooth as glass,’ said Neva J.

‘Atlantis is alive and well,’ The Wiz proclaimed. ‘It is a myth that the City is lost or only the remnants of a once brilliant City…it is functioning as it always has…beneath our feet…at the bottom of the Ocean,’ The Wiz continued. ‘Each of you takes the person next to you…hand…and we will create a diving chain to the City…and it will only take a few seconds for us to arrive,’ The Wiz said with a hearty laugh.

‘That seemed like a second…and no more than two seconds,’ Chet bemused. ‘Really the diving gear was not necessary…but I did not want to frighten you…Atlantis is a special place,’ The Wiz said soothingly. ‘It is beautiful and it shines like diamonds,’ Jane observed. ‘Take off your diving helmets…there is oxygen enough for all,’ said Joe B. ‘We thought that you might like to see our little home…it has been written about so often…and by people who do not know who we are,’ Joe B. continued. ‘How is there oxygen at the bottom of the Ocean, asked Chet? ‘We are covered by an impenetrable dome,’ Joe B. answered.

‘How about another Fireball,’ Ron asked Billy B.? ‘You know this Fireball Drink is warming to the soul,’ Billy B. laughed as he quaffed another burning delight.

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  1. ‘Looking out across water’ is my happy place. Lovely photos!

    1. Mine too, my friend.

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