Old Is Good

I traveled to Giant City State Park today. It is only September 2nd…but that is good enough for me. Autumn had begun as far as I am concerned. I marvel at the broken boulders in a little creek that I enjoy taking photos of. I relish looking at the stone wall that was built as a retaining wall for the creek. I think of my father-in-law Berl and his twin brother Merle who worked for the Civilian Conservation Corp and aided in building the Giant City Lodge.

As I rested beneath the old trees and stone walls of Giant City I considered that my surroundings were telling me that they had seen my generation and many generations before me.

Yes…the woods speak to me. As I sit silently listening to the birds and watching the water flow through the ancient creeks…I hear the admonishment of the meaning of life. We live in a bit of an artificial world. Social circles and society and politics and religion have endeavored to construct a Wicker Man that represents our true reality. When I first heard about the internet…I was gobsmacked. I could not fathom that the literature of the ages and connection around our globe…and news available to me as fast as my telephone modem could download it…was available. I grew up searching the dictionary and the encyclopedia and learning my multiplication tables and how to write cursive. How was it possible for the wisdom of the ages to be at my fingertips…without leaving my desk chair? Now at the old age of nearly 65, I have discovered that the internet did not bring only good things…but damaging and destructive and conspiracy-filled content as well…

Easy it is to follow a lie. Research is to discover the truth. Everyone that you know can agree that a lie is truth…but that does not make it so. When Berl and Merle worked for the CCC…they did not have time to listen to conspiracy theories and lies and to follow the hidden agendas of Wolves dressed in Sheep’s clothing. The understood work from dawn to dusk. They understood calloused hands and sore backs and the joy of having enough money to purchase some food for their family. They knew that a stone wall was good. They realized that a stone wall would last and would be there for their children and their children’s children.

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  1. Love the photos..looks serene. The internet has proven to be both good and bad..there’s no going back……

    1. Indeed, you are right. Thank you.

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