Goodbye September

Another glorious fall day is happening in Little Egypt. I visited Cobden, Illinois today and was once again impressed with the love and care that the residents put into their town. There is a great Antique Store in Cobden and the ladies assisting me with my purchase were very friendly. I found a little Cowboy from 1964 that I remembered immediately. He was made by the Marx Toy Company and I think I probably owned one just like him when I was a lad. Also, I found a little metal bank fashioned like a Model T Car inscribed with the name of a bank in Carbondale that I had never heard of.

My favorite season flies by like a supersonic jet. Tomorrow the Monster Movies begin.

‘Are you really going to wear your cousins’ Creature From The Black Lagoon Head…every day of October,’ Jane asked Billy B. ‘I think that it is a great improvement on my looks…don’t you,’ Billy B. responded with a wide grin. ‘I enjoy seeing the look on Mrs. B.s’ face when I enter the classroom with it on…she looks as if she has seen a monster,’ Billy B. chuckled. ‘Well I have been signing autographs for several days after I give my lunchtime performance as the Lost in Space Robot,’ Chet said with a contented sigh. ‘I am looking forward to the Halloween Special Showing at the Orpheum Theatre tomorrow…it is my understanding that John the owner has something terrifying planned for the audience,’ Darryl noted. ‘John has been a fixture in Eldorado ever since I can remember,’ Neva J. said. ‘And the funny thing about John is my mom remembers him when she was a girl…and that was a long time ago…and she says that he has not changed and that he ran the Orpheum during World War II,’ Chet said in a hushed voice. ‘I don’t know about John but his wife is a bit like a mummy…stiff and expressionless,’ Jane said with conviction.

‘The Casino Theatre was opened in 1909. By 1912 it was operated by the Turner-Farrer chain. It was badly damaged by a fire on April 6, 1927. It was rebuilt and reopened as the 600-seat Orpheum Theatre. It was still operated by the Turner-Farrar chain in the 1950s. The building still stands and now houses a plumbing supply business.’

‘Welcome to the Casino Theatre,’…John announced to the packed Theatre audience. ‘It is a fine April evening in the year of our Lord…1927…I hope that tonight’s Flick…does not get too hot for you…

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