The Pencil

‘Maine is magical,’ Jane said with a wistful look in her eyes. ‘I have been noticing that you are especially fond of Wiscasset,’ Chet observed. ‘Yes I love the little store that sells so many unusual and unique items…like the wooden pencil that is clad in leather and is very wide,’ Jane answered. ‘I purchased a Porcelain Bulldog from the store last year in September and this last visit…I bought a man with a goat’s head dressed in opulent regalia,’ Billy B. smiled with satisfaction. ‘I wrote with the mystical pencil and the woman who was helping me said for me to write somewhere that I would like to visit…and I shut my eyes and wrote Maine…when I opened them…I was there,’ Chet laughed. ‘Yes I saw your foray into the Secrets of the Pencil…but I want to write somewhere that it is impossible to travel to without special help,’ Jane mused.

‘So you three are looking for a bit of a paranormal adventure,’ asked the old lady who took the Pencil out of its’ special locked case. Yes…we want to determine if there is a bit of magic in the unusual-looking writing device,’ Billy B. answered.

Reverend George Burroughs stood before the three on Witchtrot Road in York. Beside him was a lady clad in black and with a large hat covering her eyes. ‘Who might you folks be…and where are we,’ Billy B. asked incredulously. ‘Goodness me…you are in Maine children and what are you doing out on such a foul night,’ the lady in black asked. ‘And what is your name little girl…you look at me as if you know me,’ the lady continued. ‘My name is Jane and you are who,’ asked Jane. ‘Well I am Sarah Good from Salem, Massachusettes,’ the lady said. ‘The good Reverend is helping me escape Salem where they want to try me as a…witch,’ Sarah proclaimed. ‘Are you a witch,’ Chet asked. ‘Why no I am not…no more than Sarah Abbey who accused me of being spiteful and malicious. ‘I take a little nip of Gin for my rheumatism…but then again…who doesn’t, Sarah said.

Jane opened her eyes and looked down at the word she had written on the paper with the Leather Clad Magical Pencil…GRANDMA…

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  1. Oh my, a mystical pencil!

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