A Talk With My Angel

‘So…how are you today Old Chap,’ my daily companion asked. ‘So far so good…for a Medicare Birthday Boy,’ I answered. ‘I have been enjoying your recent photos…especially the ones of the little towns of Southern Illinois…or as you often refer to it…Little Egypt,’ G.A. said. ‘I also have been relishing your recent purchase of a Subaru…I like its higher profile and the leather seats are comfortable on my sore back,’ G.A. continued. ‘I did not realize that you guys got sore backs,’ I said. ‘My back has hurt ever since Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down…I was on top of one of the walls,’ G. A. responded. ‘You mention your Medicare Birthday…I wish you could have met Methuselah…he harped about how old he was…for hundreds of years…he was a vegetarian you know…he did not like burnt offerings and refused to participate in them.’ ‘Met told I. A. that he was not going to burn any animals…and that if he wanted them barbecued…he could do it himself,’ G. A. continued. ‘What did I. A. say about that,’ I asked. ‘He said…well…okay,’ G. A. responded.

‘Are you with me all the time…you know…24/7, I asked G. A. ‘Oh I take a holiday every now and again…but I did go to Maine with you and the Fam…great trip…I like lighthouses,’ G. A. said with a wide grin. ‘What would you tell us, humans, if you had a minute to do so,’ I asked. ‘Don’t take yourself too seriously…things are not as they appear…each of you is going to be saucered eyed with surprise when you see what awaits you,’ G. A. laughed.

‘I am always with you when you are driving…you need the safety features of the Subaru…as MJ told you when you bought them,’ G. A. grinned. ‘I think that you should begin going to the movies again…I like movies…and Theatre Popcorn…but the Coming Attractions are a bit long,’ G. A. reflected.

‘What of Church…will it always be a part of serving I. A.,’ I asked. ‘You may not always refer to your Faith Community as Church…but people will always gather together…that is how I. A. made us…as you folks are fond of saying…’No man is an island,’ G. A. chuckled.

‘You seem relaxed and carefree,’ I observed. ‘Well the Plan is so much larger than any of us…and time is an illusion that we angels are not caught up in…and I. A. literally loves everyone,’ G. A. said with a satisfied look in his eyes. ‘Look at nature…it never really dies…it is timeless,’ G. A. said as he put his hand on my shoulder.

‘It will all turn out fine…Kiddo,’ a familiar voice intoned. ‘That sounded very much like Neva J.,’ I said with a glimmer in my eyes. ‘Yes…Neva J. insists on accompanying me every time I am by your side,’ G. A. laughed.

‘What would you tell my blog readers,’ I asked G. A. ‘Be yourself…that is how I. A. made us and love each other and accept each other…when one of you suffers…we all suffer…when one of you rejoices…we all rejoice…you know…all the angels in heaven…kind of thing,’ G. A. said.

‘Offer your hand in friendship and help…hold your tongue…laughed often and love everyone…’

‘You know I have often thought how nice it would be to sit down with you and to see you face to face,’ I said. ‘Oh my goodness…you have seen me many times…and you would readily recognize me now…I have many times smiled at you in a crowd of people…and given you a friendly wink at difficult moments…I rode with you in the ambulance when Neva J. had been told that you probably would not live to get to the hospital in Evansville…you asked me why I was so happy and I told you because you were going to be alright…’

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