Jacob Wrestled With The Angel

Life is a challenge. I was talking with a good friend recently and I thought of the vagaries of our human existence. As the Godfather said…’Just when I think I am out…they pull me back in.’ I have heard others speak of being tested…and I think…that has been my life. Easy has never been a part of my vocabulary. Those who attest to the easy manner of their life…are often wearing a mask for public viewing.

The strength of the human spirit is astounding. Through illness and reversals and loss…we seem to carry on and more often than not…with a thankful heart and a desire to move forward and see what is around the next corner… The little children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital…have the widest smiles. When we were in Venice a gentleman was sitting just outside the door of our flat and begging for a few coins for food. He had a beatific face…the face of an angel. The love that he showed to everyone rather or not they gave him any money…was inspiring!

Often we can identify with Jacob who wrestled with an angel. Jacob came away from the all-night wrestling match with a hip injury. And…so we wrestle…and ask God for guidance and direction and purpose…and just a little respite from the struggle…

During our rest periods from our wrestling…we seem to forget how blessed we are and how so many good things have come from our lives…and wonder what is next.

More Rollercoaster…the resumption of the Wrestling Match…deep snow and ice…warm days and spring…and the sound of the turtle dove heard in our land…

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