Potato Sack Race

Christians and many other faiths believe that God created the heavens and the earth…after all, it is in the Bible…right. We look for a church that scratches us where we itch. So often we are in a sack race to prove how pious we can be while running in a potato sack. As we struggle and hop along greatly impeded by our Sack…we point out fingers at those who are running the Christian Faith unencumbered and stopping here and there for a cup of Pumpkin Spiced Coffee. We know that the Creator of our universe and all other universes…is keeping a point-by-point score…and that he is comparing us to our fellow humans in the Potato Sack race…

When others are a bit different than we are…we are sure that they are wrong and if you will give us a few minutes we will find the scripture that supports our draconian view of faith. When we are in the corner supermarket or at a restaurant or in the theatre…we think…thank God I am better than that poor dumb bastard…

The Beggar that is in front of the restaurant or the theatre…must have displeased God and not fulfilled all of their points for the day or month or year…else why would they be in such woefully shape.

We proclaim that the Bible is true…every word…until we find a word that does not agree with our personal theology. When others are sick…it must be God’s judgment befalling them for their not using a Proper Potato Sack at the Holy Sack Race…when we are sick…it is Satan buffeting us to try to convince us to not use the Potatoe Sack that God has provided.

Why would a loving God hate so much of his creation? Why would God require that his suffering human family still use a Potato Sack to hop back to Jerusalem…

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