Winter Is Knocking On Our Door

The chill factor is 33 degrees… which is 1 degree above freezing. Yet I am on the Writing Porch…cold. We just had our cedar tree trimmed and now I have a perfect view of our pond. If it keeps this up…it soon will be On Frozen Pond.

I traveled to Eldorado yesterday to pick up the two tiles that I had purchased with Eldorado Scenes from my youth. I bought two more…another trip back to Bountiful…Eldorado. Cynthia and Marlene were there and when they found out that I have journeyed to our hometown many times over 2022 to take photos…they suggested that I share some with them and asked if I had ever considered capturing some images and asking the question…’Where is this at in Eldorado?’ I like the idea and plan on doing so before the end of the year.

Our dog groomers have a new Bull Terrier…and he is adorable. Perhaps you recall Spuds MacKenzie. As I walk the streets of Eldorado I am transported in time to the days of my youth. I can see my Grandma Askew and my dear mother and my good friend Jackie Brooks. When I look at the Orpheum Theatre I recall entering and exiting the wooden and glass doors…hundreds of times and watching flicks that formed much of my worldview at that time and even today.

Margo and Jeff are coming…and we are excited! They are dear friends from the United Kingdom. We met 50 years ago in the little village of Elkville. They are coming to visit and enjoy Thanksgiving with Margo’s mother…Thelma…who is another dear friend. I am certain that we will tell tales and spin yarns…and simply enjoy each other’s company.

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  1. I can’t believe it’s almost time to put up the Xmas tree!

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