Christmas In Eldorado

‘Christmas is only six days away,’ said Neva J. I have the roast beast purchased and today I must search for just the right wine for the feast, Neva J. continued. ‘Are you going to make your Christmas Coffee Cake,’ Billy B. asked? ‘Indeed I am and this year a double batch…because you like it so much, Neva J. laughed. Blackfoot and Mumer came into the kitchen to ascertain if they could discover a dropped morsel of food on the floor. They were Neva J.s cats and family as far as she was concerned.

‘I love dressing and mashed potatoes,’ Chet announced as he took a generous portion of both onto his holiday plate. ‘Neva J. your aluminum Christmas Tree is simply stunning…I especially like their light wheel that shows different colors on the Tree,’ Jane said. ‘You know I wondered if an aluminum tree was the way to go this Christmas until I saw that Bob Hope had one on his Christmas Show this year,’ Neva J. said with a smile. ‘I love Bob Hope and consider him the best comedian performing today, Neva J. continued.

‘How about a little Jack & Coke to put us in the Christmas Spirit…it is 1 degree outside and I need a warm-up,’ uncle Gene said with a hearty laugh and his trademark…’Get the Point…Get the Point’ as he danced first on one foot and then the other! Aunt Guelda knocked at the door. Guelda brought Christmas with her wherever she went. She was a bit urbane…she had lived in St. Louis…and she had stories. Next was Susie and Steve from Chicago and Ivy chain-smoking her Salems. Susie brought Missle Toe and subsequently placed it above the kitchen door and took all applicants for a Christmas Kiss…

‘The Roast Beast is wonderful and the coffee cake melts in your mouth, Rosie said as she cut herself another slice of Roast and gingerly grabbed the last piece of coffee cake. ‘Nevie…I do not think everyone is here…perhaps you had best check the front porch…I heard a knock,’ said Guelda with a wide smile. ‘Oh my goodness it is Bob Hope and Bing Crosby,’…said Neva J. with a nervous and joyous laugh. ‘I am dreaming of a White Christmas,’ sang Bing. ‘I met a man who told me that he had not had a bite in three days…so I bit him,’ Bob said with a deadpan look and a sly grin.

Aunt Guelda knew both Bing Crosby and Bob Hope and had asked them to Christmas Dinner at Neva J.s. They were performing at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis. Both of the famous performers had on Santa Suits and large bags that were overflowing with gifts. With the Two was the actress Dorthy Lamour who performed with Bing and Bob in all of the Road Films. ‘I tell you Neva J. I have never eaten a more delicious Christmas Dinner,’ Bob said with a wide smile and a few mashed potatoes on his nose. ‘Indeed my dear lady…this is a wonderful blessing for Dorothy, Bob, and me and we thank you for your generosity,’ Bing said with a song in his voice. ‘Neva J. we would like for you and Billy B. and Chet and Jane to join us in our next Road movie,’ Dorothy said with a grin.

‘Wake up Neva J…Wake up…Jane extolled as Neva J. stood up from the floor of the dining room…

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