Be Present In Your Life

It is another warm day but the temperature is dropping now. I had a little walk on Campus and enjoyed it very much. I have been visiting Giant City State Park daily for the past several months…but today I did both. It has been said that the years are short but the days are long. I do not find this the case. The days fly by like a weaver’s shuttle. Each day gives me a sense of place. The older I become the happier I am with who I am. I am happy with my Southern Illinois Roots. I have found a renewed interest and affection for my second hometown…Eldorado… like Chicago was my first. MJ and I have had the opportunity to travel to several countries and yet I am content and pleased with my home.

I recall in my youth wishing that I had the family of some of my friends or the lifestyle that they enjoyed. Even at a young age, it dawned on me that I really had a good heritage, and decided that I would not trade it even if I could. Often I reflect on things and actions that I took place in my life. Some of those actions were deemed controversial by others. I worked diligently as did MJ to befriend some people who after years walked away from us. I would not change a thing as I know that my actions were who I am. There is something to be said for being your authentic self. Agreeing with others is a pleasant enterprise and a comfortable vocation. Agreeing for the sake of being agreeable…is hypocrisy.

Understanding the feelings of others has been my passion. As a manager/administrator at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale I had many friends…but also some who did not like my management style and very possibly did not like me. Those people received my undivided attention. I endeavored to treat them fairly and as a partner in the success of our department…which they were. Some of these folks came to appreciate my manner of management and we united in our dedication to excellence at SIUC. Today when I visited our Campus and since my first day of employment on October 10, 1978…Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale was and is my home.

I am at home at Church. I have the same sense of place that I have had for 55 years. I know that I am supposed to be there. I have always offered my heartfelt advice to church leaders and have taken that responsibility seriously.

You are a unique creation of God. You need not pattern yourself after another nor apologize for your individual personality. We are members of the history of our home…earth. As we play our role in the Stage Of Life we are fulfilling our sense of place and our presence in our life. Each of us has a distinct role in our grand experiment. Each of us is vital to so many in our lives. We touch more people than we are ever aware of. My Blog tells me that at times hundreds of people have viewed it. Perhaps only 20 or so have pushed the like button…but hundreds could have read it and been influenced by it. This is our life…only a few have hit the like button…but untold numbers are watching…

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  1. Stacey C. Johnson | Reply

    Love this:” The days fly by like a weaver’s shuttle. Each day gives me a sense of place.” Beautiful post.

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