Seeking Meaning

Longing is a bedrock emotion that we all possess. We come into our world crying and cold and wondering what the heck just happened. Soon we find the kind faces of our parents and wonder where we are and how did we arrive. It is not long before we are told by our mom or dad that we have achieved one year of age. What is so special about one year old…we think before we dive into the birthday cake. Often there is a table of our supposed friends surrounding our revelry and we think who are these people and what am I to them. Seemingly overnight mom tells us that it is time for us to go to school. We think about what is wrong with me staying home with you…it has been a sweet ride so far. The school has all kinds of kids. There are skinny kids and fat kids and nice kids and those who are not so nice. The teacher asked the class who could write their name and I put my hand up. Thus I was chosen to go to the blackboard and demonstrate my prowess for a precocious five-year-old. Soon the teacher said, ‘Oh my Bradley…that is not your name…you can take your seat.’ Thus the challenges of first grade.

We seek our place in the chaotic and beautiful world that we did not ask to be a part of…but now that we are here…we attempt to navigate our surroundings. We make a lot of mistakes. Slowly we see opportunities and hurdles to jump and hills to climb. We roll down many of the hills similar to Jack & Jill. We want to be adults as it appears that they have all of the fun and they can stay up as late as they like and they even drink coffee and beer. We discover that adulting is hard…Herculean Hard! Instead of taking advantage of our ability to stay up late…we seek naps and rest and regeneration on a daily basis. There are many doors before us…but so many seemed to be locked…others have been slammed in our faces. We sit in our corner and decide that the brass ring is just out of our reach and the gold star has been given to someone else and the cloud with the silver lining is not over our heads after all.

Perseverance is the key to success in our maelstrom existence. We look for inspiration beyond mendacity. The light of loved ones and friends and the Helpers of our world speaks to us in our quandary. We see in other humans the light of God and his smiling face and feel his love. Love is a word that is difficult to define…you know it when you feel it or see it…or experience its healing of your soul.

Health concerns are debilitating. Financial reversals are robbers of sleep. Domestic issues are divisive and destructive. We seek someone who will be our mentor. We long for someone who cares with a concern that we do not feel every day. Easter is coming. We, Christians, take Easter seriously. This is the story of Jesus Christ who had a loving and caring message for humanity. His message is a blessing if you are an agnostic or atheist. There is little to find fault in loving each other as you love yourself.

We look for the good among the bad. We seek love among the hate. We seek hope among the despair. Good is just beyond the veil of tears. If we conscientiously pull the veil back we are exposed to the profound meaning of life…to help other travelers on the path back home.

Stop…meditate…pray…help someone who is unseen and unheard and unloved…and you will see the cloud with the silver lining and the throughline of the meaning of life…

Temporary problems dissolve in the light of our halcyon experiment. Once we decide that there really is nothing that we can not overcome as long as our Team is with us…our focus becomes clear and our purpose is grounded in our sense of place as integral members of the story of mankind.

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  1. This post is a wonderful trip!

    1. Thank you, my friend!

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