Eldorado In Ninety Minutes

I purchased the iPhone with the most memory. I thought that I was set for life. But Apple apparently did not factor in a Mad Photographer! So…I was forced to delete 29 thousand of photos of which most are in the Cloud…I hope… My last Cloud Backup was in November. You see I carry my phone everywhere with me to record my steps. Steps are a big deal to me. Then it dawned on me that I had visited Eldorado on 3 separate occasions in January to snap some pictures with the theme of ‘Where is this in Eldorado.’ Thus a trip to my old hometown to snap a few replacement shots.

There were more people out and about than the majority of the time that I have visited my Fair City over the past year. Evidence of the powerful winds that we received a few days ago could be seen about the town square. A kind lady in a long dress stopped in front of me and exited her vehicle to retrieve a blown-off piece of aluminum siding and deposit it on the sidewalk. The Public Works folks were busily power-washing the brickwork around the Circle where I remember the many Town and Country days that I attended so many years ago. A young man of what appeared grade school years was helping and working diligently. As I passed him and probably his younger sister I said hello and he nodded. As I walked on the little girl said, ‘Who is that?’ to which he replied, ‘I don’t know.’

As I walked down by the old city hall I heard a gentleman replying to his colleague who was seated in a car, ‘He looks a little like him…but he has gray hair and is wearing a cowboy hat,’ and I knew that my old man disguise was effective…

I stopped in my regular gas station for a comfort break and was pleased to see that they had remodeled their restroom facilities and they were quite nice…I regularly purchase a few White Owl Cigars as I feel guilty for entering and just using the facilities. A pleasant young woman waited on me and I am certain would have not thought less of me if I had not purchased anything.

I enjoy taking a few photos of my old high school. So much of it has been rebuilt since 1975 and I attempt to photograph what seems to be original to my time there.

Time travel to my youth is always a morale booster when I visit Eldorado. When I see the former Orpheum Theatre where I spent so many happy hours I can visualize myself walking through the doors to a world that sparked my imagination and created a fire in my soul for adventure and travel and mystery and magic.

The Methodist Church is photogenic. It sits along a brick road. As I was walking by I heard one lady call out to her friend that she was sure that she had locked the doors and even had double-checked to be certain. Eldorado like most towns in Little Egypt has many churches.

Neva J. and I lived in several houses during my 12 years in Eldorado. We began on Ilinois Avenue and then to West Street and a house that I loved that set on a side road off of Illinois Avenue and finally off of Shilo Road in the country.

Happiness is what you make of it. Although for most of my years, we had little money…we had the joy of living and many of my friends seemed to have little more than I did. We made our own fun riding in Neva J.’s 57 Chevy Convertible and swimming 3 or 4 times per week at Pounds Hollow and five hamburgers for a dollar at the Moo & Cackel in Harrisburg on our way home.

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