Every Day Is Important

Early spring is back after a temporary displacement. It feels right. MJ and I were engaged in some house cleaning this morning and I was reminded of how I enjoyed cleaning during the early days of my career at SIUC. The rhythms of cleaning suit, my soul. Many an evening work shift in 1978 and 1979 whisked by quickly while I was immersed in my housekeeping duties. I enjoyed it to the extent that I suggested we dismiss our cleaning service and do it ourselves for a while. As I said to MJ we will never be more able to do so than we are now.

We, humans, function best when we are moving. Our brains become more engaged and our spirits brighter. Performing a job and admiring the end product is essential to our self-worth. I have discovered that every day that I miss blogging…I feel diminished somewhat. When I do not take my daily nature walk I feel lacking. I enjoy having something to do throughout the day.

Older folks do not so much wear out as we rust out. Projects give us purpose. When I see that someone has enjoyed one of my blogs I feel that I have accomplished something. I have always wanted to make others feel better.

Hope is the fuel that feeds our engines. Hope comes from being involved in life. When we surrender to our aches and pains we become reclusive and removed from what inspired us to reach the point of senior citizens.

I never relished following orders. I have always enjoyed doing my own thing. I have a melodious drummer that I listen to. Since my retirement over 12 years ago, I have been much more aware of the intricacies of each day. When you have the opportunity to slow down from the frenetic workday world you see the beauty that has been surrounding you for the entirety of your life. We really have been dropped into a world that is more lovely than any artist can portray. To be engaged both spiritually and mentally and physically is ideal living.

The rocking Chair lifestyle for we oldsters is not ideal. Activity with purpose is the ticket to happiness and well-being! There is much to be said for doing your own thing. I have been practicing the Creed for my entire life. I have never cared or concerned myself with what the group was doing or what the ‘In Kids’ were involved in as I purposefully sought what my mind and heart told me to do.

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  1. BJ I always love reading your posts and hearing about your walks. You paint wonderful word pictures we do indeed live in a beautiful world.

    1. Thank you, my friend!

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