This is the day that we have been waiting for all week. When work starts again on Monday we will know in our hearts that another Saturday is coming down the track! I enjoyed watching the demeanor and faces of my colleagues when I was working. Monday is a bit of a dour day. Tuesday follows Monday and there appears to be some hope for another Saturday. Thursday was always a big day for me as I knew that I almost had the week whipped. Friday is replete with all of the wonders of childhood and Christmas Eve and Santa Claus. We know that tomorrow we get to do whatever we want! No Boss! Why we might stay in bed until noon if we so desire. There are movies to see and hiking to do. We will go out for lunch with our dear family…the Fleemans! Now that is Christmas in March! Then Sunday comes and it is quiet and nice and peaceful. Church or reading or writing or a visit to the local pub. A Sunday Brunch! Perhaps a Bloody Mary or two? Soon it is Sunday afternoon and in the recesses of our memory, we vaguely recall…work. Now it is Sunday night and Lassie is on, or Mutual Of Omahas Wild Kingdom…and the Wonderful World Disney…and School or Work the next morning…

Hope springs eternal…Saturday is coming again…

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