Homeward Bound

Happy Eyes are revelatory. Have you ever noticed a person who mimicked or aped happiness but had tired or dead eyes? Or perhaps their eyes were angry. We, actors, have not perfected the art of dramatic eyes. Happy eyes come from a heart with purpose. The tribulations and trials and hurdles of life can divert us from our primary vocation…to be homeward bound.

‘I do not remember when it was so windy and rainy and such powerful storms,’ Neva J. remarked as she searched for her raincoat and Duck Boots. ‘Visibility will be limited on the road,’ Chet noted. ‘If it was not for missing home so much I would suggest that we stay until the storm passes over,’ Billy B. added. ‘Storm…it looks more like paintings that I have seen that depict Hell,’ Daryl exclaimed! ‘I am usually an upbeat person but this darkness is enveloping my soul,’ Jane bemoaned.

Neva J. took her flashlight and shined it at the 57′ Chevy’s driver’s side door and began to haltingly walk between the mammoth water puddles and the inky black of the night. The 57′ sputtered and then started with a cough and a wheeze. No more than they had gotten on the road home there was an old man standing in the middle of the path and waving his arms for them to stop. ‘The bridge is out and you will need to turn around and drive the other way…there is a connecting road about ten miles back that will take you in the same direction,’ he said. ‘You also have a headlight out… which is bad in this pervasive darkness,’ the old man continued.

As the travelers drove the ten miles back to the connecting road they saw the dim marquee for a motel and the sign said Vacancy. ‘I think that it would be the better part of wisdom for us to stop for the night with our one-eyed Chevy and start again at first light,’ Neva J. said. ‘So there are five of you I see,’ the young girl said as she asked each of them to sign the guest register. ‘Breakfast begins at 6:00 A:M: ‘We have salami and chocolate croissants and exotic cheese,’ she said with a smile and dead eyes. ‘What town are we near,’ asked Chet? ‘Why Rome of course,’ the young girl smiled a wicked grin. ‘Tomorrow many of us are going by caravan to Golgotha outside Jerusalem…a man named Jesus is to be crucified as he claims that he is the Son of God…

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