Friday Follies

‘I can not believe that it is Friday again…already,’ Neva J. exclaimed! ‘The end of the first quarter is almost here,’ Chet said. ‘Yes, and not too much longer until we take our first Pounds Hollow Swim Adventure,’ Billy B. noted. ‘There are storm warning this afternoon and tonight with the possibilities of tornadoes increasing,’ Chet added. ‘Oh no…another ride to outrun the twister,’ Neva J. laughed. ‘I hate tornadoes,’ Jane said. ‘The weatherman says to jump into the ditch…but usually, our ditches are full of water before the jumping time commences,’ Chet said with a shrug. ‘It is a bit troubling that our lives are in imminent danger for the entire spring,’ Billy B. moaned.

‘Let’s go to the Orpheum Theatre to see the Wizard Of Oz that is playing,’ Jane said with a broad smile. So…they went joyfully to the Orpheum and purchased some popcorn and cokes and even a candy bar and still had money left from the designated expense of one dollar. In the early 1960s, The Wizard Of Oz was a major theatrical event. There were life-size cardboard cutouts of Dorothy and the Tin Man and the Scarecrow and even the Cowardly Lion. The movie was as usual delightful. Billy B. fell asleep toward the conclusion of the flick and had to be shaken to awaken. The image of the twister in the movie haunted him and he was still thinking about it when the group exited the Show.

‘Where are we,’ Jane asked? ‘Well…everything is in technicolor just like the movie,’ Chet answered. ‘But what happened to Eldorado…this is not Eldorado,’ Neva J. commented. Along came three little people who greeted them and began to sing, ‘We’re off to see the Wizard…the Wonderful Wizard Of Oz!’ ‘May I help you, kids…My Prettys,’ asked a woman in a long black garment with a black pointed hat as she firmly grasped a broom in her right hand.

‘Wake up Billy B…the storm alarm is sounding,’ said Jane. As the adventurers ran out of the front doors of the Orpheum…there was a funnel cloud coming down the street…and a lovely lady named Glenda told them not to fear…

3 responses

  1. Glenda is there… ! Great story for Friday ~ Have a nice weekend ahead

    1. Thank you, my friend. May your weekend be lovely as well.

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