‘So you are trying to tell me that he is not in the tomb…that somehow he has come back to life,’ said D.T. to M.M. ‘Well I went to the tomb before breakfast and there was an angel sitting on the large stone that had blocked the door of the space and he said he had left and gone into the city,’ M.M. said with a wide smile. ‘He died and we all witnessed his death,’ D.T. said emphatically. ‘My dad and my mom died and they did not come back from the dead,’ D.T. continued. ‘Yes but they were not him,’ M.M. replied. ‘How did he move the stone…two strong men and a little boy would not be able to budge it,’ D.T. demanded as if to jar her from her dream-like gaze. ‘The angel said that he did it…and that it was easy and took little more than a nudge to roll away,’ she answered. ‘Is he a bodybuilder…does he lift weights…does he do cross fit,’ D.T. demanded. ‘He said that he was sent by God…you remember God don’t you,’ M.M. asked with a wink.

‘My goodness what a strange feeling…have I been asleep…was I dreaming…I guess not as there are still holes in my hands and feet,’ he thought. I hope someone is caring for Mom, he thought. She loved for me to tell her a story before she went to sleep…I hope James told her a story while I have been away. I must go and see the group. They will be glad to see me. Boy…will they be surprised!

The angel told me that I would soon be leaving. I have to continue with the mission of my Dad. He said that not only did he want me where he is…but that he needed me. I heard that he was well pleased.

‘That is him I tell you…I would know him anywhere. He told me that he was coming back and would give me a piggyback ride,’ said the Young One. Suddenly the Young One was on top of his shoulders and they danced and hopped and skipped around the market square. ‘What did he say to you,’ asked the Old One. ‘He told me that I would not have to be afraid…anymore…

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