Rhythm & Rhyme

Jonathon and I were in the Cricket And Red Brick Antique Mall this morning and I said to one of the owners that before we knew what happened it would be July 4th. She told me to not hurry the year and I agreed. Time flows by like the rushing waters of Giant City Creek that I sat beside many days this past winter. Rhythm helps as our days have a bit of music about them as does our weeks and months and years. Addictive personalities…and let’s face it we all suffer some from this human characteristic… we are searching for an outside element that will give our day-by-day existence some additional spice…like a measure of extra salt or jalapeno peppers. The regular motion of the ocean that is carrying our little boat is seemingly mundane and ordinary and lacking in spice.

Ordinary days are what make up the majority of our lives. They carry us from babies to senior citizens and there is much to appreciate in each of them if you attune your ears to hear the symphonic music that they play. I love classical music. I have ever since I took a music appreciation course at university. Everything has rhythm and rhyme. That glorious feeling that you have when you awaken from a good sleep and the day is new and fresh as it was when you were young. The joy of your sense of place in your daily routine and the pleasure of thought. The pervasive peace of nature and inspiration of your surroundings. The hope and quest of understanding your mission and which path to take to attain it.

Have you ever been worried about a loved one or felt bad and wondered if you would feel better. Worry is a heavy weight to bear. It saps your joy and happiness. As it has been said the economy can be humming along but if you are out of a job…it is the Great Depression. Do you recall how light and free and full of purpose and life’s zeal that you felt when your worry was lifted from your shoulders or your health improved?

Our brains seek connection. The world makes sense to us when we are able to relate one thing to another or one happening to another that was similar. When life fits us…it rhymes. Like a family celebratory meal at Cunettos. When it is going well it is like living in a poem. It is easy to see the bright future and to understand how the past has brought us to our glowing present…

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