Summer Dreams

‘The end draweth nigh,’ said Chet with a hood over his head and eyes. ‘What end are you speaking of,’ asked Jane? ‘Why the end of school for the year, of course,’ Chet answered. ‘Don’t forget the exams and then the field trip to Six Flags,’ added Billy B. ‘I hear that their roller coaster is wicked,’ Daryl said with a sly grin.

‘Six Flags could not be better than New Harmony, Indiana…it was fascinating,’ Billy B. noted. ‘I had just received my Big Swinger Polaroid Camera and did I ever snap some fine photos,’ he continued. ‘New Harmony was historic,’ Jane said. ‘Yes and no rollercoasters…they make me nauseous,’ Chet said with a sick look. ‘The year of New Harmony is the year that I was playing the Tenor Saxophone…Mr.Prince told me that he had never heard a beginner play the musical scales better,’ Billy B. said with a grin. ‘Do you remember the strange woman that we saw dressed all in black and who told us to come into her home…that was built in a hollowed-out massive tree,’ asked Daryl? ‘She looked like a Witch to me… directly from Salem,’ answered Jane as she shook her head. ‘Buddy went into the tree and never came out…so I am told…he certainly did not return with us on the school bus nor to our class,’ Chet said.

Jane spoke to the class and asked them to take a vote as to whether or not they wanted to go to Six Flags or New Harmony. The vote was overwhelmingly for New Harmony! Jane had received a curious note in the mail with a postmark of New Harmony and all it said was…Come And Get Me…

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