Holidays & Life

We say vacation in the United States. Our European friends say holiday. I love holidays. We have engaged in several and some were great and some were small but all were glorious.

‘I tell you, I could live in the United Kingdom,’ exclaimed Billy B. ‘London was wonderful and York and Edinburgh were sublime,’ he continued. ‘Did not you say that when we were in Oxford that you felt as if you had been there before,’ asked Chet? ‘Yes, I had the strong impression that I had been enrolled at University and all seemed familiar to me,’ Billy B. responded. ‘Edinburgh captivated my imagination…being there during the Fringe Art Festival opened my horizons,’ Neva J. proclaimed as she poured each of them another glass of Merlot. ‘I especially enjoyed touring Churchill’s War Rooms,’ Jeff said. ‘As I watched King Charles’s Coronation last week I saw several places in London that we had been,’ M.J. offered. ‘When I get home from a holiday I feel sad that I am no longer there,’ Jane said with a tear in her eye. ‘I have often wondered if I did not live in some countries that I have visited in a past life or an alternate universe,’ Chet ruminated.

‘Are you ready to read history this morning,’ Chet asked Billy B.? ‘Yes, but I had a late night at the Bird and Baby with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. ‘We were discussing the mysteries of faith and fantasy and their intertwining together,’ Billy B. said. ‘I swear the pipe smoke became so thick and the pints so plenteous that I lost track of time…and even year,’ Billy B. exclaimed as he held his head as if it was very heavy.

‘I definitely recall being here…I remember the old stone structure and the surrounding woods,’ Abigail said. ‘Dear this is some of the ruins of what was once called…Illinois,’ Willam B. IV…said. ‘I know that but I can not shake the explicit memory of you and I having dinner here with our sons and in those days you called me…MJ…’

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