I have a new application on my iPhone that identifies different trees and bushes that I encounter on my Woods Walks. Today I crossed over the 50 new species that I have identified. I am now a Seeker. I like the title very much. I have considered myself a Seeker for most of my life. I have wondered what the Secret is…

As a youngster, I knew that there must be more to life than what was before our eyes. While many suffered terribly with illness and lack of resources and domestic strife…others seemed to fall into a barrel of shit and come up with a rose clenched between their teeth. Many people were pleasant while others seemed ‘Hell Bent For Leather’ determined to create as much difficulty for their neighbors as their strength would allow. So often good people were judged by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character…Dr. King told us.

An article in the Washington Post tells us that we have become a country where swear words are freely used in the general population and in front of children. This is at the highest levels including President Biden.

Acting ugly is not a beautiful thing!

We suppose that we understand a person’s motives without ever asking them what they are. Placing our enemies in a tight form fitting concrete container of our prejudice and bias. Our conspiracies fuel our endeavor.

Being a Seeker can not be boiled down to a catchphrase. Nor can an internet group or a church or a political party teach what it is to be an empathetic human being. You learn by doing.

The Truth Is Out There the X Files told us. ‘A soft answer turneth away wrath,’ the Bible tells us. The work is a bit ours. Why are we unhappy when we have abundance? Why do we believe that if everyone has a gun we will all be safe? Why do we consider that our little subset of human experience is the way that all humans should act and believe and that somehow we are chosen?

Perhaps there is intelligent life on many planets in a multitude of solar systems and each of them looks different than us.

How big is God…

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