People are scurrying about it like it is almost Memorial Day. At Giant City today the mower guys were out two by two and waving and grinning at the old man on his seeking tour of new plant and tree species. I recalled the many cold days and several with snow and some ice that I had spent in the same woods just a few short weeks ago. Life is never dull…it is constantly changing. I was pointing my iPhone at some ground growth and the species finder said snake and so I peered to see if I could see it…and then decided if the iPhone saw the snake I had better trust its sight which I am certain is better than mine.

HBO Max has been transformed into Max as of today. There have been commercials heralding this transformation for weeks. I have yet to examine the changes but on their advertised face they sound much the same.

I reflected on the many times that I have been in groups… or work for another person and they benevolently endeavored to keep me in my place. You know what I mean by the Superior and Inferior Mystique. I have even experienced this dynamic in churches. I have never believed that I was anyone’s Superior or Inferior. What a bizarre concept that is rooted in a profound inferiority complex.

I often wondered when I was younger how old people morphed into looking like old people. Now I see the dark magic working on me. I rather like looking old…most days. In some circles, you get a modicum more respect. At times young people want to help you with your groceries. I get a price reduction for my haircut and sometimes the young lady does not charge me at all for a beard trim. Years ago a barber told me that in my computer notes regarding what type of haircut I was to receive it said that I was a very nice person. I try to keep my nice reputation intact when I receive my haircut.

As a youth I attended a church that had a lot of old congregants…like I am now. MJ and I would do the grocery shopping for some of them. On one occasion we brought back some Vlasic Dill Pickles to Connie. Now Connie had specifically requested Claussen Dill Pickles but we could not find them. When she saw what we had done there was nothing to do but for MJ and I to return to the Market and find the Claussen Dills that were kept next to the meat. Now I fear that senior church members do not receive the same attention.

I just finished my favorite Stephen King novel of all time, Fairy Tale. I was captivated. I customarily do my reading through Audio Books as it allows me to multitask. I simply could not stop listening to this wonderful and intricate yarn. Let me just say that after reading this masterpiece I can understand how alternate or parallel universes may exist. It also mirrored my love for dogs.

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