Stone Henge and Crop Circles at Avebury, England

During our visit to England in August of 2012 I was so hoping to see Stonehenge.  For a moment it appeared that time constraints would not allow us to travel there from our hotel in Red Hill until our dear friends Margo and Jeff volunteered to drive us there with a stop first at the Wiltshire village of Avebury which is ninety miles west of London and twenty miles north of Stonehenge.  Avebury is the home of the largest know stone ring or henge in the world and is calculated to be older than Stonehenge.

When we arrived at Avebury it was misting rain and so I elected to leave my camera in the car so as not to get it wet.  This turned out to be one of the more uninformed decisions that I have made in some time.  We entered the visitors area where a woman told us about touring the Avebury Henge as well as the report that there was a new crop circle in the field adjacent to the stone circle.  Avebury Henge is 1401 feet in diameter and sprawls over 28 acres.



Now the stone circles at Avebury are fascinating and their purpose has been lost to the obscurity of history.  Formed in the Neolithic Age around 2500BC they were rediscovered in modern times by John Aubrey in 1649 who stumbled upon then when he was fox hunting.  He said that, “Avebury does as much exceed in greatness the so reckoned Stonehenge, as a cathedral doth a parish Church.”

Having been surrounded by the mysterious stones of the Avebury Henge I really believed that there was probably nothing that could be more mysterious until we climbed a steep hill and beheld an extremely large and painstakingly intricate crop circle.  The design and pattern seemed to be geometrically perfect…somewhat otherworldly.

images-1images-2imagesUnknown-1 Unknown-5

The above pictures are of Avebury Crop Circles…but not the one that Mary Jane, Margo, Jonathon, and I saw on that misty mysterious Avebury morning.  When we returned to the United States Mary Jane found a picture of the exact crop circle dated the day that we saw it…she bookmarked it…and now it is gone from the web site.  As we were walking along the hill peering down on to the field with the amazing art work formed upon it I noticed a man and woman that I could have sworn that I had seen on the History Channel, on American television, who investigated crop circles…they looked as amazed as we did.  The proprietors of the visitor’s Inn said that the circle had appeared overnight….As they often do.

13 responses

  1. Great pictures. It’s nice to know other places with “henges” exist.

    1. I was surprised when we learned of Avebury from our friends who live near there. Thank you.

      1. I’m a what things can I find on the way person. So I have used locals and even occasional phone books to find these lost places.

      2. Often, that is where the greatest locations are found.😉

      3. That’s why maps have good to hide the best places.

  2. Reminds me of an episode of Unsolved Mysteries…. 😉 Nice pictures!

    1. It was mysterious. Thank you.

  3. Oh, this brought back some good memories. It was so exciting to see the crop circle – they are such mysteries and cause the imagination to just run wild. Thanks for your post which reminded me of that experience. 🙂

    1. I recall how energizing it was to be witnesses to the mystery of an actual crop circle! I have always regretted not taking some pictures. 😉

  4. Crop circles have always fascinated me. They can’t all be done overnight by two blokes with a length of rope and a broom handle.

  5. As a Brit and someone who has visited Stonehenge several times, I’m ashamed to say I never knew of the Avebury ring. I shall have to return! And those crop circles are fabulous, never seen one but would love to, although I’m undecided on their origin. Thanks for stopping by and following 🙂

    1. Avebury is fascinating! I am looking forward to your posts!😃

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