My New Polaroid

When I was a youngster I asked for a Big Swinger Polaroid Camera for Christmas.  To my pleasant surprise I received one.  It was larger than the Swinger and gray while the more popular Swinger was white.  It also made larger pictures.  I immediately set about becoming a photographer.  Upon snapping the picture it subsequently exited from the front of the machine.  After pulling away the paper cover from the photo you actually could see the scene developing before your eyes.  Once the development was completed there came with every pack of Polaroid film a bottle of solution with an applicator enclosed for the purpose of applying onto the finished print to ensure that it would not fade.

My son Jonathon began telling me about a new Polaroid camera that was digital but also had the capability to print small pictures on Zinc paper.  At first I was somewhat skeptical until he received one for his birthday in April…and I saw firsthand what an interesting little camera that it was.

I had to have one!  So, for my birthday in October I received one…and have been snapping photos ever since!

PICT0178PICT0184PICT0171PICT0049PICT0036IMG_0761PICT0185PICT0182PICT01742023FE34-1EBF-44D7-A755-AE0D45A3A579 24482E16F-EF67-4D42-A0ED-E704E661475AAA2EE8C9-B9DE-4E88-A997-A3D3912C714E

The following photos are from our birthday celebration for our son Aaron.  In the pictures are also his mother and I as well as his brother Jonathon.


Last is St. Elmo Steakhouse in Indianapolis…the birthday dinner!

IMG_0816IMG_0817 3

I might add that I was able to give each family member hard copies of the pictures that they wanted to keep with them!  Not bad…eh?

9 responses

  1. Love the pictures! I’m a tree admirer. 🙂 Congratulations on the new camera!

    1. Thank you very much!😃

  2. You’re the kind of guy who *should* be armed with a camera. Your nature photography is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment!😃

  3. Every single picture is absolutely spectacular! ^_^

    1. You are to kind. Thank you so much!😃

  4. Beautiful celebration!

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