The Universal Language

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Kindness is a universal language. Just think of the smile. It’s opposed to the frown and easier to do for the happy soul. If the smile is shared with another they might smile as well. Joy is contagious and this world needs more of it. I’ve been told before that I have an infectious laugh. I was also once told I have an infectious smile. What a compliment! I’ve carried it with me ever since.

The pessimist chooses to see the bad in the world. He sees the good as an illusion. I know this because I traveled this path in a life I used to live. As a teenager I didn’t understand goodness the way I understand it as a man. Goodness is authentic and itself. Evil, misery, melancholy and pain are goodness gone rotten. And being kind is a part of being good.

If you’ve got a good…

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