British MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed in Birstall in Northern England last Thursday.  She died from her injuries.

A few days before her death she had written a heartfelt defense of immigration.  She was a strong advocate for Syrian refugees, and especially children, and a solution in Syria.

Ms. Cox murderer gave his name as, “Death to traitors, freedom for Britain,” at his first court arraignment.


After the horrific mass shooting in Orlando, Florida last week hundreds of central Floridians lined up around the block of the Blood Center to donate blood.  OneBlood has been overwhelmed by the donations.

The accounts of wounded victims in the Pulse nightclub assisting others in the chaos at the risk of their own lives in inspiring!

I think that if I have learned anything in my few years on our planet it would be that life’s problems and issues are not solved with trite simplistic answers.  When a leader announces with supreme confidence and braggadocio to, trust them they know what to do, …it is time to question and doubt.  When their philosophy is to build walls …prohibit immigrants of certain religions from entering the United States…label a judge as making poor judicial decisions due to his Mexican heritage and then to chasten your own political party and admonish them to, “Be quite and dont say anything”…it is time to question and to doubt the character and ability of the presumptive nominee.

Mass shootings have sadly become so regular in the United States…that they almost seem commonplace or to be expected.  I believe in gun rights and the second amendment…but do you really think the founding fathers would react today as our spineless politicians do to the mass carnage wrought by semiautomatic weapons that have only a military purpose?

I have heard all of the NRA arguments that guns do not kill but that people do.  Guns are only a tool.  I know tools…I have been associated with tools all of my life…tools didn’t kill all of those little children at Sandy Hook Elementary…tools did not murder forty-nine sons and daughters and brothers and sisters…and father’s at Orlando last Sunday.

Over ninety percent of Americans believe that semiautomatic weapons should be banned as they were for over ten years.  Are there enough heroes in Congress that will simply reflect the will of their constituency…or is there another constituency that they must adhere to?

If it was your child or grandchild at Sandy Hook…how would you feel?






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  1. Mr. Militant Negro | Reply

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    1. Thank you my friend! 🌞

  2. I think semi automatic weapons should be banned. And at the very least there should be a license to carry or own that w back ground checks, histories and on and on. Can we quit retracing steps and report that “oh, he had problems in school or he abused women,” and he was allowed to be a security guard protecting others while people now state he said awful things over and over? He had an anger problem noticed by teachers every year. Hmm. It’s true that people like this exist and never do anything horrific like he did. Don’t give him the weaponry to do what his mind thinks he’d like to do. This seems to be the rhetoric of these young men performing these evil deeds. Pure and simple, that’s it. Everyone is looking to study this forever. I believe that Sandy Hook and Orlando would have been prevented, maybe even Columbine, had guns not been available to these children who needed to grow up just a little more. Anger in young men seem to be the common thread. Let’s not arm them to do a horrific job. You don’t need rocket science to see this. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for your great comments! 😃

  3. I agree with Kim to the extent that assault weapons should not be sold to anyone other than law enforcement. I saw a blurb on the television about a woman who THE DAY AFTER THE MASSACRE, walked into a gun shop and walked out with an assault rifle. No questions (other than the usual) were asked. Why wasn’t she asked why she needed such a powerful and deadly weapon?
    As long as we keep handing these weapons out….the killing will continue.

    1. I have often heard the analogy that it is people that kill people…not guns. That is true in the respect that a person pulls the trigger…but there is quite a difference in pulling the trigger of a hand gun or a single shot long gun and a rapid fire assault weapon. These weapons have only a military or law enforcement purpose. Thank you for your great comments!

      1. I think I remember a while back that law enforcement wasn’t allowed to have those assault weapons.
        I just hate where this world has gotten itself. Sigh.

      2. I think you may be right. Many gun collectors may purchase assault weapons because they legally are able to? However these are weapons designed with a military purpose…and are horrendous in the hands of a terrorist. The United States has a “gun culture” that you do not find in Europe. The Bobbies in England do not carry guns and they are law enforcement.

      3. I’ve heard that about England. Gun violence is so common over here…..you know…because we have “rights.” Sigh.

      4. Certainly some “rights” are devastating to others right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  4. This is a good post reminding us of how destructive guns can be in the hands of wrong people! Orlando killings are crazy. MP Cox murdered. Today I learnt on the news that in Miri Sarawak, a politician was also gunned down. God rest their souls.

    1. Thank you my friend. It is all heartbreaking! We can change if our elected leaders will…lead?

  5. America is kind of license crazy for our safety, but allowing anyone to purchase that to kill us is their error. Maybe they should be liable for these deaths when they don’t try to make it better.

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