European Reflections

Two years ago Mary Jane and I spent most of the month of June visiting Europe with our dear friends Margo and Jeff.  It was an experience that I think about often…to this day.  Although, if I was having trouble remembering the epic journey, Facebook is good enough to remind me of its’ wonders each day with photos that I posted in real time whilst the sojourn was transpiring.

IMG_0301IMG_0308Nice, France was wonderful.  From our walks along the Mediterranean rocky beach to the privilege of being invited to an author’s meeting hosted by well known writer Patricia Sands as guests of our good friend who is an author, Margo!

IMG_0382IMG_0387The above photo was taken on one of our last evenings in Nice.  The Mediterranean is the background.

IMG_0464IMG_0545IMG_0722Venice is awe inspiring in its’ sublime beauty and unique architecture!  It is like nothing I have ever seen.


IMG_1067This is the ancient farm house that we stayed at while in Tuscany.  The road leading to it was frightening!

IMG_1126Florence, Italy is so overwhelming with its’ ancient art and architecture that I am told some people become light headed upon their first experience of seeing it.

IMG_1210IMG_1153IMG_1409I left Florence with a much greater appreciation of Dante!

IMG_1226IMG_1501I was raised very poor.  Especially the years that my Mother and I had to go it alone.  During those days I would never have had the wildest dream that I would be blessed to visit other countries.  Margo told me that visiting other countries was like reading another page of Earth’s Book.  I not only have found that to be true but would recommend to anyone to travel as much as you can…it has enlightened and energized my mind and life experience.

Or as my favorite quote from G.K. Chesterton states: “We are all in the same boat on a stormy sea, and we owe each other a terrible loyalty.”

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  1. Thanks for showing and sharing Europe! Memories plus photos will always remind us of good times with good friends 😊

    1. My pleasure my friend. 🌞

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