Fascinating London!

Mary Jane and I were calculating how many days we had visited London during our different European adventures.  We think at least seven separate sojourns into fascinating London have transpired during our visits in 2012 and 2016.

I cannot think of a more intriguing city for me than London.  From the engrossing stories of Charles Dickens to the suspense of Jack the Ripper, I have always considered London to be a bigger than life place…and it is!

Just the pageantry and unique history of the British Monarchy..and to be able to visit Buckingham Palace is enough to make your head spin.


dscn4474dscn4490When we were in London in July we visited again the Tower of London.  The ambiance of this place and the history surrounding it is palpable when you are there.

dscn4400dscn4452dscn4471The Ravens at the Tower were mysterious and mesmerizing.

IMG_3424IMG_3418This is the Monument commemorating the beheading of seven individuals in the courtyard of the Tower of London, including Queen Anne Boleyn in 1536.

Just down from Covent Gardens we stopped into a London Hat Shop and purchased a hat for Mary Jane, Jonathon, and myself.  The hats were hand made and while they stretched mine on an antique hat stretcher I enjoyed complimentary Glenlivet.

img_3786Tower Bridge is such an iconic image…and on this trip we had the good fortune to see it raised…which we are told is seldom seen.

dscn4463dscn4456Tower Bridge seen through a window in the Tower of London.

We attended a performance of the Oscar and Hammerstein classic Showboat and throughly enjoyed it!  Theatre in London is on par with Broadway.

After the show we had a lovely dinner at a Turkish restaurant that had the most unusual and interesting decor that I have seen.

img_3485img_3960img_3494When I am in London I think about what it must have been like in Dickens time?

img_3337img_3523img_3504img_3535img_3502When in London do enjoy a scone and clotted cream.  The combination is to die for!

Also, for a culinary delight…stop at the Pie Shop in Covent Garden.

img_3293They have wonderful Sticky Toffee Pudding!

img_3373img_3392When you visit London…listen closely for the voices of the past…they are hauntingly beautiful.

3 responses

  1. Has Big Ben been repaired and back to working order? I love Britain and these iconic monuments are awesome. Plus it reminds me of Johnny English by Rowan Atkinson…UK will not be UK without the Queen, pomp and pageantry and all things British😉

    1. It appears the silencing of Big Ben for repairs is scheduled for next year. I agree that Britain is resplendent with its’ wonderful monuments and monarchy! 😃

      1. Ohh..
        Londoners and tourists will miss its gong…gong…when the hour is reached!

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