Politics and Societal Norms Be Dammed

When I just wrote the title for this Blog I thought…what a strong statement.  However as I have been exposed to the heinous…horrible…hurtful…descriptions of sexual assault on women…that is cavalierly described as “locker room” talk…I am shocked and sickened!

Other explanations for one of our Presidential Candidates description of taking advantage of his stardom to kiss and touch the genitals of women, saying that he can get by with it due to his being a star, is that this is common talk among men.  Dr. Ben Carson said on CNN that he grew up with the men that were in his family and that he was around talking like the Candidate.  When the female news anchor said that she was not accustomed to hearing men speak about women in this manner he responded that perhaps this was the problem.

Other Candidate Surrogates have pointed to the coarsening of society or to the lyrics of Rap music.  Pardon me…but the Rap musicians are not running for the highest office in the Land!

Although many Republicans have withdrawn their support for the Candidate…several remain.  They validate their support by saying that no matter what the candidate has said or done that he is still better than Hillary Clinton.

I have written previously that I am an independent or moderate…and that I have voted for several Republicans in my life… yet there must be a point where the recognition of the equality and sacredness of women is more important than politics.

Is it acceptable, in our new normal…or our alternate universe, for the Candidate to begin kissing your wife…your daughter…your mother…your sister… and then…if he feels the urge…to touch their genitals?

The Candidate during the last Presidential Debate, in answer a question by  Debate Moderator Anderson Cooper asking him if he had ever done to a woman the things that he had described in graphic detail to Access Hollywood’s  Billy Bush, he responded that he had not.  Since the Debate several women have come forward describing sexual assault by the Candidate fitting closely to his lurid description that was caught on tape.

Is it logical or feasible that the women have come forward…with nothing to gain…to endure scorn and ridicule by the Candidate…as some totally encompassing conspiracy and collusion between the Government…the media…and the Clinton Campaign?

Polls illustrate that the majority of Americans want to see change in our Government. Many Americans are suffering without jobs or with jobs that pay inadequate incomes.  It seems that so many of our politicians listen only to the special interest groups that line their pockets with money.

Germany…in many ways was in a similar condition as we find ourselves now…and they chose a “strong man”…a leader with powerful rhetoric…a leader who convinced them that there were groups of people that were causing all of their problems…and that if those persons were eliminated…all would be well.

To legislate morals or to vote on their basis is a fool’s errand.  To say that sexual assault is all right in the mistaken belief that a Candidate has some messianic power to produce what his grandiose rhetoric claims… is to be a participant in the Twilight Zone!

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6 responses

  1. May God’s will be done…no matter what, he will still be in the news after 11/8. 😦

    1. Amen! Yes you are so right…he will and the results could be destructive.

  2. Thanks, the more outrage we express perhaps the more we will recognize that inequality is something we ALL need to combat.

  3. I am really sad at the quality of presidential candidates this time round for USA. Worrying times. 😣 I wish I had better words. As Michelle aptly put it…may God’s will be done.

    1. “For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forbears prescribed… and His help, but knowing that here on Earth God’s work must truly be our own.” John F. Kennedy

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