Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

On our last night in Edinburgh we attended the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.  This is a limited engagement event that is packed to capacity each night of its’ run.  “Performers from over 48 countries have taken part in the Tattoo, and around 30% of the 220 thousand audience each year are from overseas,” according the Tattoo’s official website.

We took a United Kingdom cruise in 2012 and one of he shore excursions, when we were docked near Edinburgh, was to attend the Tattoo.  Tour bus after tour bus pulled up alongside the Ocean Princess and hundreds of cruise passengers disembarked to travel to the performance.  We chose not to go…and regretted it.

I noticed during our daily excursions to the Royal Mile and the festivities of the Fringe that around 4:00 pm the police blocked off the roads around Edinburgh Castle…although the Tattoo did not begin until 9:00 pm.

img_3913The above photo of the audience exiting the show after 11:00 pm illustrates why.

It was chilly and windy the entire five days that we were in Edinburgh…but this night it was, as my mother was accustomed to saying, downright cold!

We made our way to almost the top of the bleacher seats that are installed next to the Castle for the duration of the Tattoo’s short duration during August.

dscn5027Mary Jane had purchased us neck scarfs in Town…and they felt good!  Aaron did not wear his.

dscn5021dscn5050dscn5078dscn5089dscn5111Or what can compare with the Queens Carriage?

dscn5165dscn5171To our shock and surprise the horses did what horses sometimes do…and the disciplined military performers did not miss a beat.

dscn5147If you want to attend a grand performance that will stir your emotions and at times move you to tears…I highly recommend the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo!


5 responses

  1. Thanks for this share. Interesting always to read and find out what others do to celebrate. Happy Sunday 🙂

    1. You are most welcome my friend. 😃

  2. Been to Edinburgh twice, absolutely loved it!!!

    1. It is a magical city! 😁

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