Party of One or Two

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Why do people study the science of selling theirselves short? So many of us fall for the lie that we don’t quite measure up or that we aren’t enough. Enough what? We aren’t smart enough or good looking enough or tough enough or worthy enough. Why don’t we just get over ourselves already! Maybe someone else thinks you are remarkably smart or very good looking or so tough or absolutely and completely worthy of receiving all of the good on God’s green earth.

Humility isn’t tearing ourselves or others down. It isn’t sitting around and saying, “I’m a loser and so are you so let’s drink this twenty-four pack of cheap beer and say to hell with tomorrow.” Humility is thinking about yourself less, or even forgetting about yourself, to be focused on others. Humility is making this world a better place by building others up instead of tearing them…

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  1. Great clarity and such a straight forward explanation. Many people are confused on humble and humility. Thanks!

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